Welcome and thank you for visiting my site!  I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend.  I am a lover of nature and animals.  I am a natural empath and have been so all of my life. I am a seeker of knowledge.  I am a physical therapist. I am a meditator and lover of the beyond. 

 For the past 20 years, I have worked with countless people of all ages to facilitate and optimize health in the physical body.  Throughout these years my natural evolution has led me to perceiving beyond the physical and expanding my awareness on a multi sensory level. This process has taught me to consciously utilize my gifts as an energy intuitive and how to honor my love for meditation. My  passion lies in reminding people to be seekers, feelers, and knowers of their own unique gifts,.  One of my greatest loves is teaching connection to breath in order to facilitate calming of the nervous system. This creates opportunities to connect to awareness of one's moment to moment experiences of life. My intention and joy through Expanding Pathways to Health is to teach people to connect breath with awareness for an ongoing journey of life rich in abundance, rooted in happiness, resulting a deep sense of wholeness.  

With Love,


The Story

Meditation instruction is carried out in various eschalons from simple gatherings I like to refer to as "Happy Hour" to more formal workshops and classes in groups or for individuals. I also offer classes in the corporate setting tailored to the specific needs of a group of employees.  

My private practice consists of individual sessions where guided mediation is the portal to deep work with the intention that the greatest need of my client will be served in the session….even if they don't know what they want or need.  We uncover significant past lives, blocks in the energy body, and clear the auric fields.  Many times mediumship is also a part of sessions where loved ones form the other side come through with a message of healing.

These sessions are as varied as the individuals I work with.  It is always a fascinating and precious process of healing that seems to have a domino effect in the lives of my clients.  Clarity, forgiveness, and a deep sense of belonging and well being are often experienced.  This has an impact on past, current, and future relationships; it has an effect on jobs and the ability to be creative and find happiness in the day to day.  

Please explore my sound offerings of guided meditations as well as my blog.  My hope is that in sharing what I am blessed to experience through my meditations and other musings of life experiences it will be healing for others on some level. With any luck it will perhaps  inspire those who are ready to explore the spaciousness and peace that is available every moment of our existence.  These offers are dedicated to all who listen or read them and are shared with heart felt gratitude to my beautiful helpers and guides who are always there to teach me ancient wisdom and offer me the knowingness of how to effectively teach others.