As a Physical Therapist for the past 23 years, I have worked with countless people of all ages to facilitate and optimize health in the physical body. My experience led me to look beyond the physical and expand my awareness on a multi sensory level. This natural evolution has taught me to consciously use my gifts as an energy intuitive and to honor my love for teaching the art of being present. We practice this through breathe, through meditation, and through sound.  Like any great relationship, the more we engage in the art of being present, the more useful it becomes  in our day to day experiences. 

My passion lies in reminding people to be seekers, feelers, and knowers of their own unique gifts.  One of my greatest loves is teaching connection to breath in order to facilitate a host of benefits in the physical and subtle energy bodies. Teaching connection to breath empowers the creation of the infinite and ongoing awareness of one's moment-to-moment experiences of life. It is my belief that this is why we are here: to be alive and awake, feeling, and moving through the ordinary miracle of just being. 

In 2010 I became a Reiki Master Teacher through the Usui System and had the honor of graduating from Marie Manucheri's two year Mentoring Program For The Energy Intuitive in 2011 & 2012. I attended The University of Holistic Theology in 2012 obtaining my Certified Meditation Instructor Certification.  Seeking knowledge and feeding my love of learning is a continuous process. It is through this process I have had the pleasure of learning from true masters such as Dr. Loren Rex of the URSA Foundation, Tom Kenyon with his infinite and glorious gifts not the least of which his voice; and David Gibson of Globe Institute of Sound Consciousness, a teacher of the miracles of sound and vibration. I am humbled and grateful for such experiences. I look forward to the journey as it unfolds for me on a personal and professional level, shining my light in a wakeful state of awe and gratitiude...with every breath, moment by moment.