class descriptions

SEPTEMBER WORKSHOP: Crafting an Authentic Native Drum 

DATE: 9/22/2018

TIME: 12-5-pm

Cost: Drum (see below) + $25

Every month I like to offer a workshop.  In September I have the honor of hosting a drum making workshop lead by a Ralph Akers from

For those of you who do not know Ralph, look him up!!  He has been in our extended community for longer than most of us. He lives in Everson and is just a generous, wise, and spiritual leader in so many ways.  

Ralph has offered to lead a workshop where we will each make a drum.  See below for his gracious offering per drum,  including all materials, instruction, and drumstick.

An additional registration fee of $25/person will be added to cover the cost of the rental space (TBD) and to offer Ralph a unsolicited stipend. 

If you have ever priced an authentic Native American Drum you will know that this is almost completely gratuitous to include the instruction of making the drum as well as the drum itself.  These drums are absolutely magical and invoke such beautiful spirits. This is such a special offering. 

10" drum $35

12"drum $45

14" drum $55

16" drum $75

18" drum $90

20" drum $100

On-Line 5 Week (35 Day) Meditation Course

I strongly believe that an ongoing daily, deep meditation practice is the way to connect with the endless benefits of meditation. Anyone who has taken my 8 Week Mindful Meditation Course will be eligible to purchase this course for $47.00.  You may email me with a request to purchase at any time following the completion of the course. Once purchased you will have lifetime access. 

This is a step-by-step journey. As with any kind of transformation, learning to meditate will take consistent practice. The most important aspect of meditation for you right now is creating a consistent and daily practice. This is THE primary goal of this course.

Cost: $97

Allow yourself to receive these small daily bits as you begin to build your practice.  Let go of expectation and outcomes and enjoy the ride, step by step. This is my most comprehensive course to date. It takes all that I offer and distills information into actionable daily steps with knowledge you will not forget and wisdom you can take directly into your daily life. 

This course will give the opportunity to:

  1. Develop a daily habit of meditating beginning with a few short moments, lengthening this time to 15-20 minutes.
  2. Learn a variety of techniques and practices so that you may discern what resonates and facilitates your practice.
  3. Develop a joyful relationship with your practice and enjoy the process of a life long journey.
  4. Deepen your practice and enhancing your ability to focus.
  5. Weave Mindfulness into your daily life through the use of daily tools and habits.
  6. Expand your knowledge of meditation and its effect on body, mind and spirit.
  7. Commence the next steps of your journey.           

Once purchased, you will receive an email with a link to the course platform. Daily lessons are drip fed by the week with daily lesson topics, a meditation of the day, daily inspirations and an opportunity to learn more about how meditation and the effects on health and well-being highlighting some of the most current research findings on meditation.

Please feel free to email with questions and/or comments as you proceed.

To purchase, please click the button below and scroll all the way to the bottom under "products".

***Anyone who has taken my 8 Week Mindful Meditation Course will be eligible to purchase this course for a deep discount of $47.00. 

*** This course is also offered with concurrent private or semi-private weekly sessions. If taken as private or semi-private coursework, the On-Line Product Price is $47.00. Please email Elizabeth with inquiries. 

Fall 2018 6~Week Mindful Awareness Meditation Course


Here is what my students are saying… they have GROWN… their lives have CHANGED…they feel TRANSFORMED…they have used the course for a springboard for TRANSITIONS in their lives. You can do this too! I will be your guide.

  • CONNECTION  ”I guess just the fact that if I don’t meditate now on any given day I feel like something is missing ! I feel unconnected with “me”. So thankful for this practice” ~KK

  • DESIRE  ”Mine is feeling the need to meditate! It took me years to break down my mediation barriers. I am not a daily meditator but am now a regular meditator which is huge for me!” ~ SD

  • BE-ING  ”Being more in the now. Embracing the present moment regardless of how I feel. Being present helps me feel grounded, be more understanding, and compassionate. All things I needed. There are many more positive habits but this one has been life changing. Thanks!” ~ CC

  • AWARENESS    “I'm now much more aware of the things that surround me and I have learned to live in the moment and not dwell on the past. I have a much better relationship with my husband. I'm able to be open and honest even when it’s uncomfortable. I have learned to forgive and understand challenging people in my life so much better now.  Most of all, I have learned to forgive myself and let go of my past. This has brought me so much peace!” ~JK

  • KINDNESS  I absolutely LOVED our group. I found that mindfulness is much simpler than I imagined. I have found that I am much kinder to more mindful/aware and myself in my everyday life, which has made a big difference in my ability to be positive for myself and others. Elizabeth is one of a kind and she will continue to be a part of my life. ~ KL

  • APPLICATION   “My Favorite part about this course is realizing that I can mediate or be mindful throughout the whole day and not just when I'm meditating. I hope to continue to learn/grow and make this a regular practice. I feel like I've come a long way. I have a lot of work to do before I feel like I'm living out of the truly mindful/aware place I'd like to be. As Elizabeth would say “ It’s a journey and that’s why we call it a practice” ~LT

  • TRUST   “This course has tied up a lot of loose ends and has enabled me to trust in myself and higher powers to find the answers to my questions. I have deep appreciation for Elizabeth's guidance and encouragement on this journey. Following the course I plan to keep writing, meditating, spreading loving kindness, mindfulness in all activities. ~JL

No previous meditation experience is necessary. All are welcome.

DATES (TUESDAYS)  6pm-9pm 9/25, 10/2, 10/9, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30

Cost:  $240

This course is beneficial for those who suffer from chronic stress, anxiety, pain, or any health challenge. It is beneficial for those who would like to improve health, well being and a strong desire to live a fuller life with greater balance.  It will reignite curiosity and improve internal world awareness.  You will learn new strategies for accepting the seemingly frenetic external world. This class is the doorway to easing anxiety, calming the nervous system, and forming new habits and ways of being. The basis of living a soulful life from the inside out is Awareness. This course teaches the building blocks to enhancing your Awareness which serves to strengthen your relationship with yourself, your friends & family, your co-workers, and your world! 

6 Week Mindful Meditation Course participants (past or present) are eligible to purchase the Daily Online Meditation Course for an extreme discount of $47.00. See details above. 

The benefits of a consistent meditation practice:

  • Tool for living a calmer life
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Reduces emotional reactivity
  • Promotes well-being
  • Improves focused attention
  • Thickens grey matter in the areas of problem solving and empathy
  • Readjusts your nervous system to stay in the present


Weekly Class Sessions will include:

  • Instruction in guided imagery and meditations
  • Gentle mindful movement
  • Inquiry exercises to enhance awareness in everyday life
  • Group dialogue and small group exercises
  • Daily journal assignments 
  • Weekly Meditations recorded and made accessible for daily homework
  • Information on nutrition to support brain health and awareness
  • Access to free Facebook group

Course Content is Based on Two Essential Elements:
Meditation- learn techniques and how to make time in your life
Pattern Breakers & Habit Makers- breakdown habits that trap old ways of thinking and creating new habits in replacement of the old and forging new expanded pathways for exploration and adventure of a new heart centered way of being. 

Weeks 1-3 Focus on learning to pay attention to the many aspects of your internal and external world, initiating new strategies from within, reconnect with your senses, experience brain and nervous system changes, incorporate movement with mediation into your daily experience. Learn how to create time and space for meditation.

Weeks 4-6 Build on the learning of the first 3 weeks, experience thoughts as mental events; cultivate attitudes of compassion, empathy, and acceptance of self and others; solidify the connection between daily activities, routines, behavior and moods using mediation to make increasingly skillful choices for a lifestyle that nourishes you, learn to limit that which deplete and drain you. 

Monday Night Magic In September

Each month I offer Magical Monday Nights. These gatherings occur on three Monday evenings of the month and are my woo woo-est group offerings. Monday nights are a great community night as well. We will meditate, journal, practice connecting, share, and learn from one another. We will learn how awareness is the first… always the first…step in connecting and communicating and being present to energy...all kinds of energy!

September Monday Nights ~Exploring The Energy of Forgiveness... 
  • 6-9 PM:  9/10, 9/17 & 9/24
  • COST: $49

On Forgiveness~

"We may still be suffering terribly from the past while those who betrayed us are on vacation. It is painful to hate. Without forgiveness, we continue to perpetuate the illusion that hate can heal our pain and the pain of others. In forgiveness, we let go and find relief in our heart." ~ Jack Kornfield

Have you ever noticed that internal work, healing, and quite simply our life journey just takes us to surprising places offering us surprising information and wisdom? Forgiveness has a lot to behold not only directly elevating our spirit (our vibration). Forgiveness also adds profoundly to the progress of our journey, how and what we manifest in our life, and ultimately our health. 


Why come to these Monday nights?


Providing a space for Applied Awareness...With Monthly Themes 

These are light-hearted evenings that create a space and a culture to learn how to apply Awareness & Meditation. Magical Monday Themes cover a broad spectrum and always reach into the energetics of chosen (polled) topics. The group chooses the topic. How fun is that?! Expect mini-energy/intuitive readings, because through my awareness, I love sharing the unseen world with you. 

  • A reminder of the expanded benefits of meditation, awareness, breathing, and journaling.
  • We talk energy!
  • Enrich your life with like-minded individuals who inspire, support, and create a sense of belonging with each other. 
  • Take Awareness one step further...perhaps deeper, perhaps longer, perhaps to a curiosity, known or unknown
  • Tap into your inherent intuitive self through awareness
  • Re-connect with your inner being through awareness. 
  • We learn, we meditate, we share, we journal, we connect! 
The format of these gatherings:
  • 3 Monday Night Classes/session
  • Cost: one session/month $49 
  • Location: 2114 James St, Bellingham, Wa 98225
  • Bring: Journal (optional: throw for coverage/warmth, meditation cushion)
  • Click on the link below to see schedule and dates for upcoming session

Vision Board Dream Achievers Workshop: Dream! Action! Success!

April 28th 10am-5pm


Cost: $99

Nicole Walsh, LMT (my amazing colleague and bestie) and I bring you an amazing opportunity for expansion and for you to walk away with powerful tools.  The magic does not stop at the end of this workshop!

Bring family or a friend and lets play & create for the day, then take your Vision Board home and use it as a tool for creation! You will be blown away at how powerful this process is.  I know I was!!

Nicole & Elizabeth are both professional energy intuitives. Our unique offering includes journaling, meditation, and energy readings through out the day to help you laser in and focus with rich self-discovery. Perhaps you have dreams and desires you don't even consciously know you have, or dreams you haven't allowed yourself to dream, and dreams and desires you have had for eons that need some TLC to bring to fruition. Let' explore this together.

Vision Boards are one of the most well known tools for creating change and bringing success to life for all your dreams and desires. Come find clarity, learn how to manifest and create amazing desires in your life using Vision Boards and Awareness! We will show how this is a tool for identifying your desires and making them a reality.

Travel?     Happiness?    Love?     Wealth?
New puppy?     Skydiving?    Healthy relationships?
Healthy body?     Healthy spirit?    New career?     Improved finances?


It is perfectly fine if you know you are ready for a change but are not exactly sure what you want.  Clarity for transformation is the focus of this day!

Dream big and create massive action and success in your personal life, your relationships, your career, your finances, and in the world! Vision Boards are one of the most well-known tools for creating change and bringing success to life for all your dreams and desires. Come find clarity, learn how to manifest, and create using Vision Boards and Awareness! There is no limit to creating the life you crave! Hang on to your hats, because if you dare to play...things are going to change in your life. 

Nicole & Elizabeth are both professional energy intuitives. Our unique offering including journaling, meditation, and energy readings through out the day to help you laser in and focus with rich self discovery. Perhaps you have dreams and desires you don't even consciously know you have, or dreams you haven't allowed yourself to dream, and dreams and desires you have had for eons that need some TLC to bring to fruition. Let' explore this together.