Energy Medicine

Private sessions have optional lengths. Visits include a general intake followed by an assessment, treatment, and debriefing including homework, referrals and recommendations. 

Sessions are carried out in a calm and peaceful setting with clients positioned for comfort.  The entire energy system  is addressed including the aura, chakras and hara line as well as the physical body. Verbal feedback regarding what I feel, hear, see and generally experience is given throughout or at the end of the session.  Sessions are recorded and available immediately following.

Modalities such as Osteopathic Manual Therapy, Reiki, Breath Work, Meditation, and Sound Therapy are used to access your energy system as well as any other physical and energetic modalities that are indicated.

Exercises, tools and recommendations are offered for incorporating new and empowering ways of living in your world so that you may walk in your new energetic space, creating the life experience that you truly desire, in a body temple that feels healthy, safe, comfortable, and whole.

Distance sessions are available for those who live outside the Bellingham area or for those who simply prefer a distance session. These sessions are flexible and can be completely directed by the client's needs.

On Location: A flat rate of $10 is added to the hourly rate for on location services inside the Whatcom County area. Outside of Whatcom County, the total rate will include time travel of $40/hour. Please email with inquiries and requests for on location sessions. These will require customized booking.

For more information, see my blog post "Sessions With Elizabeth"

2 hour visit- $200   | 90-minute  expedited session: $160  |  60-minute  expedited session:  $110