Re-Framing Forgiveness...

Re-framing Forgiveness….

Naturally, Forgiveness is at the forefront of my awareness these past few weeks as we explore the energetics of forgiveness in our Monday night gatherings.  So I thought I would share.


If you stop and think about it … and more accurately feel it.. the word forgiveness is pretty darn loaded, and the act of forgiving even more so.


It is charged with “shoulds” and expectations. It is underestimated and misunderstood. It is without a doubt one of THE most powerful acts, tools, and practices one can embark on for healing from the inside out.


When we drop our expectations and “shoulds”… forgiveness is quite simply making space in our hearts.  If we could only see, feel, and experience it that way, we could slough the thickened protective armor around our heart and free us.


The biggest and most common thing I hear clients and students say is that if they dare to “forgive” they feel as if they are conceding to a wrongdoing that was done to them, by someone… a loved one, a fellow human. Just the thought of it is painful and conjures the fear of somehow saying “ what you did to me is ok”. 


That couldn’t be further from the truth.


The energy behind forgiving is freeing the self from the suffering of hardening our hearts. We don’t just harden to specific people.  That’s not really how it works.  We harden in general. This ultimately sacrifices our authentic loving connected nature. Understandably and justifiably, from a survival perspective…we do this to protect ourselves.  Our brain is an amazing prediction machine.  We learn quickly through trials and hurts.  We learn quickly not to touch that hot pan because if we do, it is going to hurt, burn, and possibly scar us.


The covering of the heart when it comes to blaming, judgments, anger, and resentments prevail energetically looks a lot like scar tissue.


There is a physiological cascade when we are wounded… when the skin is broken or somehow distorted. The eternally wise and reflexive bodily functions rush to the scene to begin to stabilize the wound eventually, with time and supportive conditions, the body weaves and knits together new tissue that will bind the opening of the wound and securing the perimeter, so to speak.


The only time in my career that I worked deeply in wound care was in a clinical internship while in PT school.  The motto and the most important teaching in wound care at the time was…”an open wound is a healing wound”.


 No matter how deep and invasive the wound is, at some point, it critically needs air (preferably clean) and it needs oxygen.  Imagine what breeds in dark, closed, warm, covered, deep aspects of the body. Yikes! I have seen it and it is no surprise that I didn’t embrace this specialty in the field of Physical Therapy.


The energetics of wounds (physically, emotionally, & spiritually) are really very similar. Energetically there has been a violation of our spirit. At the time, we do the best we can to weave together our being, our spirit, our person. We seek security and a deep sense of safety to carry on.


A thickening of our heart, a stagnation of our energetic field and an insidious tentacle-like nature of this energetic scarring ensues with “unforgiving” energy.  Yes, all in the name of protection. Again… it is sensible, justifiable and at that moment, quite possibly, necessary.


With time the acuteness of the wound subsides and the chronic nature sets in. If not in our consciousness knowingness, our behaviors and actions can show us an energetic road map to our wounds. Once we recognize that a wound is present the softening begins.  We might notice ourselves being triggered. We become aware and get curious about this trigger. We have the opportunity to get curious and investigate. Ultimately we have the opportunity to offer ourselves some balm for the wound... healing for the wound.


Forgiveness is a journey. It is a practice. Once we drop the “shoulds” and expectations we allow ourselves to experience the world in a different way.  We allow ourselves to connect differently with people.. our loved ones, our community, and with humanity.


Above all forgiveness is not about the other person. It is NOT about whether they deserve it,  it is NOT about whether they will or will not cause additional wounds.


It is about making space in our heart.  Initially, this is for our own healing…for our own good. As is with all healing and expansion in the heart, when it benefits us…it benefits all.


Forgiveness is not condoning.  Forgiveness is making space in our heart, opening our heart to a possibility of softening, lessening the stronghold of the protective, thickened, scarring armor, with the subsequent opportunity to shine some light, love, and oxygen on wounds that lie beneath.


Let's imagine for just a moment how a very adhesive substance sticks to everything. When we hold blame and anger in our heart towards another person (this includes ourselves) we are actually attaching ourselves more deeply to this person and to the wound, in effect blanketing it.


It is the wound that binds us to them, despite the fact that when we blame, feel resentment or anger toward another person we typically want to distance ourselves from them as far as possible.


Energetically… it works in the opposite way.


Energetically… tightening, closing and armoring our hearts binds us to them even more deeply. 


The next time you feel disproportionally triggered by someone in your life… perhaps an innocent passerby, a fellow driver on the road, a cashier at the grocery store, a road worker, a bank teller, or the garbage man…consider the notion that looking inward might help to shed some light on your anger, rage, blame or judgment.


 It is typically these nonchalant interactions, which creates a disproportionately large emotional reaction that can lead us to some insight of our wound.


It is not so much about analyzing and intellectually understanding the wound (though this can be helpful), it is about recognizing and becoming aware of the wound, getting curious about what is there, and offering ourselves some love towards what is needed… a hug, a sense of love, care and concern, a gentle heart that listens and senses and hears us.


An open wound is a healing wound.  Opening, softening, releasing the grip…these are all acts of forgiveness. These are all examples of the practice of forgiveness. And they are all acts of living from the inside out.


Making space for someone who has wronged us does not mean we have to invite them back into our lives.  We are not only entitled to create healthy boundaries with these folks, energetically creating healthy boundaries is an intricate part of the inside out healing.


Forgiving is not going to the person and asking forgiveness or offering it.  Forgiveness is making space in our hearts. 


Without love light air, oxygen, movement… the scar tissue thickens. When we offer ourselves love light air movement and oxygen offering ourselves responding to a deep need, we, in turn, offer a healthier, more lovable, more connected version of ourselves to the world. 


This can only be a very good thing…for us and for all of humanity.


Blessed BE!  And so it is!

Wishing you infinite blessings in your moments!









The Birth of A Course


The Birth of a Course

About 2 ½ years ago I created The 8 Week Mindful Awareness Course. I have taught this course a total of 8 times since.

 For inquiring minds that ask “ Why 8 Weeks?”

I had been reading the latest research and watching trends.  Current wisdom was that in 8 weeks, as it turns out, we could change the actual physical brain for the better.

 In 2011, Harvard researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital found that participating in an eight-week mindfulness meditation program appeared to make measurable changes in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress.

 Read more literature here:

It stood to reason I would follow trend and wisdom and voila, the 8-week course was born and implemented.

 My goals for the 8 Week Course were to impact participants in the following:

1.     Facilitate the creation of new, good and life-altering habits

2.     Help Participants create a daily meditation practice

3.     Help participants consider breaking unhealthy habits, particularly in the realm of coping with stress, internal chaos, and external chaos.

4.     Facilitating self-compassion and, its ultimate cohort compassion for others, and topped by the whipped topping of loving-kindness.

 Lofty aspirations…yes!

Do I feel the 8-week program approached meeting these goals, absolutely!

The one hole, the crack, the gap…after teaching this with at least a small bit of longevity was that while new and amazing habits were created particularly in stress responses, the actual sustainable daily meditation practice that is required to change the physical structures of the brain was not happening as a general rule. Now I am on a mission to fill the gap. 

Hence the unfolding of a new course creation of mine as of 1 ½ years ago.. a daily meditation course, plum full of daily journaling prompts, daily audio lessons, daily audio meditations, current and compelling research, and articles of interest.

 I have had the pleasure of teaching offering this course in the context of private and semi-private groups and I have also sold this course as a stand-alone product that can be carried out by the individual in their own space and time.

 What I have not done to date is offer the online daily course in conjunction with an immersive 6-week group course.

Participants in The 8 week Mindful Awareness Course really gain from the group effect and inspiration with systematic instruction to broader concepts and practices with the narrowed down focused daily implementation.

 Though historically I did give out “required” daily homework, participants mostly registered it loosely. I would venture to guess that approximately 25% of the participants continue to have a sustained meditation practice following the course.

 It stuck for these folks! I am very proud of them, happy for them, their existence, and their brains.  They may very likely be ready for deeper study of Mindful Awareness, which could be very exciting. If you were one of them, I would love to hear from you!

 What I am offering today…

-  A Condensed 6-week Immersion coursework

-  Simultaneous daily online (35 days) course, with lifetime access (this is important…         because we want this practice to stick!)

 My goals for the integration of two different courses:

1. I can serve those who truly value and want to work towards a daily practice with no prior skill necessary. Lets rock those brain AND lifestyle changes!!

2. Those who want to commit to the weekly meetings and also commit to the daily habitual changes that are required to attain a skill. The Practice!

 For those of you who are interested in the 6-week course, I would love your participation while I implement these two learning resources with the ultimate goal of a sustainable meditation practice, brain changes, and practical life skill acquisition for a new stress response.   

Keep in mind that sometimes we humans must practice, practicing. In the process of skill acquisition, be it an exercise program, a new way of eating, a new way of thinking, learning a new language, or learning to Salsa dance, it is a rather curvy wondrous, and interesting path. And so it is acquiring the new skill of mediation.  It is rarely a straight line from no practice to a sustainable practice.

 For more information or to register:

Peace In ~ Peace Out

XOXO Elizabeth










April Happenings …Coming Right UP!!

April Happenings …Coming Right UP!!

3 Major Offerings… Take a Look!

I love what April stands for…transformation, blossoming, budding, blooming, growth.  Let's do this and not only receive through awareness but grow and blossom and transform our lives, our interests, our inner selves. Expand! This is where the magic starts.

Monday Night Magic In April

8 Week Mindful Awareness Course

Dream! Action! Success! Vision Board Workshop


Monday Night Magic In April

Each month I offer Magical Monday Nights. These gatherings occur on three Monday evenings of the month and are my woo woo-est group offerings. Nights are a great community night. We will meditate, journal, practice connecting, share and learn from one another. We will learn how awareness is the first… always the first…step in connecting and communicating and being present to energy!

Communicating with your Spirit Guides is the April theme (chosen by the previous month's participants…how cool is that?!)

Dates in April:  4/9, 4/16, 4/23

Cost: $45 (total)

What the heck is Communicating with our Spirit Guides!

It's All that!

Spirit Guides are here for us whether we acknowledge them or not.

We do have free will as to whether we will acknowledge them or not. We have free will as to whether we will communicate with them and invite them into our lives.  Their sole purpose is to guide and assist you. You and only you!! This is how precious and special you are.

Guides are with us in an infinite variety of forms as angels, ascended masters, allies, loved ones who have been here and passed on…those we have known and those that are unknown to us. Our Spirit Guides come in the form of animals, colors, and shapes.  It is absolutely endless & fascinating!!

Energy is what our guides are!  They are energy, just like us…only a little less dense.  They have no physical body. They have no physical form. But what they DO have is a presence! And they want to show you who they are and they want to have a relationship with you.

We can’t get passed awareness though. Let's say you’ve invited your guides to be in your life, and yes, an invitation is essential. We need to say yes. We need to ask them to join us.  Then, once asked, they are here and present and accounted for. Now, the question is, are you? How do we connect? 

Our guides will go to great lengths, and I mean great divine, unending, infinite lengths to communicate with you.  Once invited they are sending you messages, whispering in your hear, showing you signs.  Awareness is the key to this.  They will always do their part.  It is up to us to learn how to be present so we can receive and perceive consciously. 

hues of blue.jpg


8 Week Mindful Awareness Course

It All Starts With Awareness!  This is my least woo-woo course…in fact, it is not woo-woo AT ALL! This is first and foremost all about learning to adjust your nervous system.

Dates: 6-9 pm: 4/11,   4/18,   4/25,   5/2,   5/9,   5/16,   5/23,   5/30

Cost: $240

The 8 Week Mindful Awareness Course starts Wednesday, April 11th.  This course is what I consider to be the signature & foundational course where you learn about and experientially get down to the HOW of Mindful Awareness. This is the nuts and bolts and the best place to start. Everything else stems from this skill.  This is what we do in the 8 Weeks.  We build a skill set through knowledge and an acquired daily practice. So not only is meditation a practice, but the practice is a practice if you know what I mean. It is a practice to create a new practice of meditation. It is a practice to be aware and present and accounted for in your life. You will be so happy you took this step to a greater presence in your life.

Here is what my students say…how THEY have grown…how their lives have changed…how they have transformed…how they have used the course as a springboard for transitions in their lives. You can do this! I will be your guide.

Here is what a few of my previous students of this

8 Week Mindful Awareness Course has to say:

  •  CONNECTION  ”I guess just the fact that if I don’t meditate now on any given day I feel like something is missing! I feel unconnected with “me”. So thankful for this practice” ~KK
  •  DESIRE  ”Mine is feeling the need to meditate! It took me years to break down my mediation barriers. I am not a daily meditator but am now a regular meditator which is huge for me!” ~ SD
  • BE-ING  ”Being more in the now. Embracing the present moment regardless of how I feel. Being present helps me feel grounded, be more understanding, and compassionate. All things I needed. There are many more positive habits but this one has been life-changing. Thanks!” ~ CC
  • AWARENESS    “I'm now much more aware of the things that surround me and I have learned to live in the moment and not dwell on the past. I have a much better relationship with my husband. I'm able to be open and honest even when it’s uncomfortable. I have learned to forgive and understand challenging people in my life so much better now.  Most of all, I have learned to forgive myself and let go of my past. This has brought me so much peace!” ~JK
  • KINDNESS  I absolutely LOVED our group. I found that mindfulness is much simpler than I imagined. I have found that I am much kinder to more mindful/aware and myself in my everyday life, which has made a big difference in my ability to be positive for others and myself. Elizabeth is one of a kind and she will continue to be a part of my life. ~ KL
  • APPLICATION   “My Favorite part about this course is realizing that I can meditate or be mindful throughout the whole day and not just when I'm meditating. I hope to continue to learn/grow and make this a regular practice. I feel like I've come a long way. I have a lot of work to do before I feel like I'm living out of the truly mindful/aware place I'd like to be. As Elizabeth would say “ It’s a journey and that’s why we call it a practice” ~LT
  • TRUST   “This course has tied up a lot of loose ends and has enabled me to trust in myself and higher powers to find the answers to my questions. I have a deep appreciation for Elizabeth's guidance and encouragement on this journey. Following the course I plan to keep writing, meditating, spreading loving kindness, mindfulness in all activities. ~JL
Sun bolt IMG_3355.jpeg

Bookending April …

Dream! Action! Success! Vision Board Workshop

April 28th 10am-5pm

Cost: $99

Nicole Walsh (my amazing colleague and bestie) and I bring you an amazing opportunity for expansion and for you to walk away with powerful tools.  The magic does not stop at the end of this workshop!

Bring a family member or a friend and lets play & create for the day, then take your Vision Board home and use it as a tool for creation! You will be blown away by how powerful this process is.  I know I was!!

Nicole & Elizabeth are both professional energy intuitive. Our unique offering includes journaling, meditation, and energy readings throughout the day to help you laser in and focus with rich self-discovery. Perhaps you have dreams and desires you don't even consciously know you have or dreams you haven't allowed yourself to dream, and dreams and desires you have had for eons that need some TLC to bring to fruition. Let' explore this together.

Vision Boards are one of the most well-known tools for creating change and bringing success to life for all your dreams and desires. Come find clarity, learn how to manifest and create amazing desires in your life using Vision Boards and Awareness! We will show how this is a tool for identifying your desires and making them a reality.

Travel?     Happiness?    Love?     Wealth?
New puppy?     Skydiving?    Healthy relationships?
Healthy body?     Healthy spirit?    New career?     Improved finances?

It is ok if you know you are ready for a change but are not exactly sure what you want.  Clarity for transformation is the focus of this day!

I look forward to seeing you in April. 



Hey Little Acorn, What Are You Doing This Month to Nurture Your Inner Oak Tree?

Hello February!

I love this month and can only see hearts and chocolate in my inner thought bubbles. My favorite is the JuJu hearts, not sugared, the smooth with a subtle taste of cinnamon. 

Feb always feels like dawn to me…dawning of the year… the awakening. Perhaps that is because the days are evidently longer and the light spawns awakening. Like the crocus, I feel more like popping my head out and engaging after January, the month of hibernation.

February is a time of awakening and in that awakening, it is a time of reflection on your intentions. Those intentions you may have set forth in your new year’s plan. Reflect and adjust your short-term goals and continue the journey toward your long-term goals.  But don’t be shy about intentions.  Get juiced up and be inspired, tap into your imagination and creativity. Think big.  Feel big! Create big Why not? 

Go inside and become aware of your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and emotions. Be with them non-judgmentally.  Be present with yourself. This is where you will find your true desires and your intentions.  Once you become aware of your intentions, then watch out, because action is the next piece.

In every acorn, there is an oak tree.  It really is one of nature’s finest lessons to we humans. Isn’t it impressive to think of something so small yet plentiful and seemingly insignificant as an acorn will produce a giant oak tree full of life? A giant oak tree that will reach high and wide! Isn’t it profound that this small seed becomes something very impressive? 

I think we sometimes we forget.  We forget we are that acorn! We can feel small and insignificant. We can hold the belief that we are anything but powerful or influential.  In the bigness and the chaos of life, which by contrast feels much more influential and grand, our significance gets lost and we feel the smallness of the acorn. We can even limit our self from growing into the impressive state of the oak tree simply by believing we are not significant, simply by playing small.

I’d like to give you a little nugget today and remind you that you are the acorn… that inside of you is your magic, your gift, your significance and your uniqueness.  There is much we can do to support our acorn selves as we grow into our big oak tree selves. Yes, the developing oak tree needs water, nutrients, light, and attention.  Just as we humans need resources to grow, develop, and evolve into our biggest and best selves.  

What are those resources you will choose? Here is a short list that I suggest you add to when considering the growth of your oak.:

  • Surround yourselves with supportive people who honor your uniqueness
  • Connect with nature with her ever inspiring lessons and examples of healing and fortitude,            entropy, and peace
  • Read stories that allow your imagination to swell and blossom 
  • Read opinions that are different than yours: this will open you to other ways of thinking and           at the same time affirm those beliefs you know to be  right and true for you
  • Persist in your dreams and desires despite a challenge that might arise, this will show you and remind you of how deeply you want this dream. ... don’t give up! 
  • Practice being nice things to yourself. 
  • Be encouraging to you
  • Remove limits you place on your dreams and desires….It is never too late, we are never too            old, and being tired is not an excuse for having dreams
  • Cultivate a relationship with yourself so that you know you…you know what you love and area.
  • Adjust your strategies when the old ones aren’t working anymore.  
  • Reflect on your goals and intentions at least monthly. 

Life is a game of adjustment, not abandonment.  When you are tired, consider resting instead of giving up.  Care for this inner oak tree, have a relationship with it, get to know it, feed it, water it, and love it.  This is how we cultivate our heart’s desires.  They are not to sit dormant inside of you. They are to be walked into the world and shared with your fellow humans.

What will you do this month to nurture your inner oak tree?

I would love to hear about it!!

Peace In~Peace Out!


Why Meditation may not be right for you!

There are so many preconceived notions about meditation what it is and what it isn’t.

I’m going to be very clear… from my perspective sitting for any amount of time trying to aimlessly clear your head is a total waste of time. Allow me to explain. 

But first.. for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Elizabeth Deboo, I am Physical Therapist of 23 years specializing in Meditation and Awareness Coaching for entrepreneurs helping them to create structure and a system for success from the inside out!

Why is sitting and trying to clear your head a waste of time?

Here is why… our brains are wired for filtering scenarios based on past experiences to figure stuff out. So let's say I have a challenge, a problem, an irreconcilable difference. And it is somehow limiting me.  I have hit a block.  I am indecisive. Through my own perceptions of the problem, my brain will access all past files and begin to contrast and compare them to each other searching for a solution, giving many, many possible solutions.

There are infinite possible solutions. Your brain will look at a problem from every angle if you allow. And it will continue to do this as long as you allow it, and it can even continue to do so sub-consciously. On and on it goes…you know it reminds of the spinning beach ball my mac does when the system needs a reboot.

And even then you hit re-start and THAT doesn’t even stop the spinning beach ball. You know how that doesn’t even interrupt it and re-boot it.  At that point, I actually have to shut it down. Because it is stuck looking searching filtering filing and I don’t know enough technically about computers to tell you what it is doing…but I imagine it to be doing the exact thing our brains do when we are overthinking, searching for the one right solution with our brains giving us endless solutions to choose from, endless scenarios… And just like the computer that we just simply need to shut down… sometimes our brain needs to shut down. Not just a re-start, but a shutdown.

I want to address this misconception and language around “clearing your mind”. There may be a specific form of meditation that I am not aware of that claims to do this. But what I can tell you for sure is that we are not wired that way. Our brains do not work that way.  Our minds will never be clear. And to be completely truthful our brains will never actually shut down. Your brain will shut down only when you no longer have a living, breathing body.

It is less a shutting down process and more of a shift in awareness from the constant barrage and busyness that is the nature of the brain and mind. For which we should be super grateful for.

When too many windows are open or too many programs are running on our computer, it slows down and eventually, the beach ball will keep spinning as long as all the windows are open and we don’t do something to interrupt it.  The same holds true for the windows of our mind, our brain, and our experiences. They will go on and on and on. 

But just like when you shut the computer down… you don’t actually push away all the information. You don’t get rid of it and you don’t clear the information.  It is all still there… it just re-files itself, closes, and quiets down.  I have noticed what a relief it is when it does. The lights, and the almost inaudible hum of my mac just go quiet when I shut it down. It is so peaceful. Have you ever noticed that? And this is exactly how it feels to me when I meditate…when I take a break state and breath when too many brain and mind windows are open.

Sitting and aimlessly trying to clear your head is like half-heartedly hitting re-start button and the system fails to restart and reboot. The beach ball keeps spinning. So there you sit and wait.  In terms of your computer, how long would you actually sit and wait for the beach ball? I would guess not long. I would guess your sense of urgency for whatever project you were working on is going to make you hit the power button and just shut it down to re-boot it.

That is exactly the scenario that is happening inside your body and your being when you try to sitting and aimlessly trying to clear your head. Your brain and mind will continue to spin just like the beach ball. 

Is this a waste of time…my opinion…yes if your goal is to be productive and creative, and have to focus and be able to concentrate. Just as it is a waste of time to sit and watch the beach ball spin on your computer. You’re not going to be able to get anything done. You won’t be able to focus, you won’t be able to concentrate, and you will be frustrated and no amount of creativity will squeeze through this frustration.

The shutting down of your computer and what it requires is the same effect your brain, mind, body and your entire being can benefit from by taking a meditation timeout, a broken state…the actual “shut down” effect that mediation can offer. 

Let me assure you, the files stay. They are re-filed, Saved, organized in their folders just as before but they are not open.

When we shut down our computer we don’t actually expect the files to go away. We aren’t even trying to push them away.  We just need to close some windows because there is some sort of overload and some systems need to shut down.

Imagine how strung out you feel sometimes and you lose focus, lets say you go try to find a piece of information, do a search with multiple windows open, you are drawn into something interesting, which leads you to click on some link, another window open, you hear a notification or a box pops up that you have a message or an email, this brings you back out of the rabbit hole, and then you notice you have gotten completely off track.

You notice all the open windows, but you cant’ quite focus to remember what the heck sent you on that journey. It takes you a minute to remember what you were working on. You feel a little lost. You need to re-orient. Ok now we are in big time overload, your internal beach ball is spinning. 

This is exactly the time you need to shut down and reboot. And at these times during your work day especially if you work behind a computer, notice how many windows are open at the same time on your computer and I would bet that your overwhelm and your lack of focus corresponds to the number of windows open on your computer. The numbers of windows open on your computer correspond to your inner lack of focus and concentration…and just forget about being creative!

It is at these times that many hard-working well-meaning people of impeccable work ethic…. keep going.

It is at these exact times that focus, concentration, and creativity are at an all-time low.  It is at these times that the expectation of the one behind the computer is to push through instead of taking a broken state, a mini time-out, even if that is just 1 or 2 minutes to focus on your breath. 

Next time you are in this position try actually shutting down your computer and then walking away.

Step away from the computer.

Sit in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes and soften your body and anchor in your breath.

In your comfortable position let breath be the anchor. That’s it... just observe your breath as you breathe in and out.


One very common deterrents my clients tell me is that “I’m afraid I’m going to fall asleep”

Ok …and the problem with that is??? Usually, their response is that they don’t have time to fall asleep. But the issue here is lack of productivity, focus, and creativity due to exhaustion. So I would argue that they couldn’t afford to not fall asleep if that is what is needed. 

Another common hindrance for people is that they feel really strung out as they sit and try to breathe. But it just takes 5-10 minutes and there will be a shift in the nervous system at which time there will be a calming of the feeling of being strung-out. We need to gift ourselves with some patience and the gift of time.

There are so many types of meditation. I do not claim to know them all or be a master of them all.  I know Mindfulness, I know Awareness and this is what I coach and speak to. This is how I intend to live my day.

My brand my version has everything to do with being in your body. This is where we start. Always! Why? I’ve said it before and I am sure you will hear me say it again, if you aren’t in your body how can you be the authority in your body, in your life, in your business, and in your world. If you aren’t in your body you are not present. If you are not present how can you expect to meet goals, be creative, focus, and concentrate? It simply will not happen.  And if it does, it is all by chance.

But one thing you can be sure of, your chance and luck will run out.  You cannot run a business on chance and luck. You run a business on structure, systems and cause and effect.

This is why I teach to anchor into breath:

1.     The breath immediately anchors us into our body

2.     It is always with us. No matter where we

3.      Your breath breathes itself.

Your job is to get present and pay attention. Sometimes if we are so exhausted due to stress and overwork we will fall asleep and my answer is to allow that.  And start to work on exhaustion recover, exhaustion rehab by giving yourself opportunities to rest, break states, and nervous system time-outs.

Resting calms your nervous system. And that is what my first goal no matter for every single one of my client who talks of being overwhelmed, stressed, unable to sleep, constantly sick, in pain, and the list goes on.  It is also my personal goal especially when I am in overdrive with a million things to get done.

We start with first calming the nervous system.

Beyond that, there are amazing miraculous magical things that can happen in your life, your business, and in your world through a meditation practice. But calming your nervous system is the first.  My take…

How do we calm the nervous system? Your breath! Your breath is the fastest and most intentional and conscious way I know of to drop your nervous system back into rest and digest. That calm semi-vegetative state that supports digestion, sleep and rest. It is the exact opposite of fight or flight.

Here is how I explain it to my clients: for health and well-being and for you to have the resources to be your best self you need to be in rest and digest. This is the parasympathetic nervous system. Rest and digest.  It will serve you well when it comes to focus, creativity, and concentration.

My clients are often surprised and actually embarrassed when their stomach starts to gurgle and they start to yawn as we work. As soon as I explain this to them it makes total sense. This means we have shifted the nervous system into rest and digest, back into parasympathetic dominance. We are wired to be in parasympathetic dominance most of the time! The only time fight or flight otherwise known as a sympathetic nervous system, the only time is during a stress response. 

This is hard wiring form way back when the saber tooth tiger threatened our existence. This wiring remains and I don’t see it going anywhere.  I just see it dominating so many people. I am grateful for the sympathetic nervous system and its ability to keep us safe, but not when it is unnecessary…which, by the way, is most of the time, most of the time our very existence and safety is not being threatened.  Most of the time we are not thrown into a stress response because our existence is being threatened.

Let's say that you are driving down the road and unexpectedly a child steps out in front of your car. Does your nervous system serve you well by kicking into a stress response, with the sympathetic tone dominating? Of course! Your Vision gets clear, your HR goes up, you breath rate increases, your necessary muscles kick into action, blood is shunted from the core of your body to the periphery so that your muscles and limbs can respond swiftly. Here, fight or flight is helpful and necessary to avoid the child.


A healthy well balanced nervous system will take some time to calm down, move the adrenaline through the system the HR will gradually slow, the breath rate will come down, muscles will soften from their tensed state and the nervous system calm back into the parasympathetic tone.

These two parts of our nervous system are inversely related. What I mean by this is that when one is up the other is down, when resting the digest/parasympathetic control is dominating and on high volume fight or flight/the sympathetic tone must quiet and vice versa.

So in our scenario of moving to a comfy chair to breathe for a few minutes, you tap into your breath and as soon as you begin to calm into rest and digest this is when you are going to start to feel sleepy or hear gurgling. This a good sign that you are in parasympathetic tone& rest digest.  

We need frequent, not long, but a deep practice and deep experiences of breathing, time out, and body scans for very good reasons. Thorough the Sympathetic tone/fight or flight system, your brain and body have a swift neuro-feedback loop. Hormones and neurotransmitters are working as chemical messengers telling you to go flee or fight…to keep pushing, keep going, even if that means overdrive.

Fight or flight runs on a feedback loop and the stress response will be perpetuated by this brain/body feedback loop. Your brain checks in with your body “hey how you doing down there.. is there still a stressor? DO you need more adrenaline and cortisol?” Your body answers back with a “heck yea” in the form of your tight and tense shoulder and back muscles, clenching of your jaw, HI BP, elevated HR or breath rate. So the brain responds with messengers to increase adrenalin and cortisol into your system.  Which perpetuates that shaky stressed feeling in your body.  The adrenaline in your body tells your body, yep we are still under stress, which tells your brain yep I need more of that stuff that keeps me going… that keeps me alive. This will go on and on.

Ultimately, there are a lot of worst case scenarios here ranging from adrenal fatigue and to adrenal burnout to a significantly depressed immune system which cant fight off even minor colds so they take hold and seem to last forever. Diabetes is a common side effect of chronic stress because in the fight or flight response your body responds by increasing blood sugar levels so that you have energy because remember it think you need the energy to flee or fight and your body thinks it needs the extra energy. Pancreatic burnout… otherwise known as diabetes type II comes into play, and even worse, chronic fatigue, cancer, and a whole host of symptoms that the medical community usually begins to lump into what they call syndromes that is… ill-defined conditions in which symptoms frequently happen together.

Back to the original topic of sitting and aimlessly trying to clear your head… no this will not help! This will likely exacerbate the problem probably in fact.

The only way to interrupt the spinning beach ball in your mind and the stress feedback loop happening in your brain and body is to shift into rest and digest.  I'll say it again… breath.

Breathing actually reminds our body, our brain, and our mind that we are safe. And ultimately the stress response is all about not feeling safe and secure…. and that is another topic for another day…stay tuned!

Sleepless Nights

Have you ever woken up at night to some sound or from a dream only to not be able to return to the peaceful zzzz’s?

This is super common especially with those who are chronically, the entrepreneur.  I see you! 

And even if you don’t feel stressed or label it as stress....if you are not able to sleep, believe me your body and brain are perceiving that as stress!

Because this may very well resonate with you on every level, or even just one level, let me stop now and invite you to check out my free offering

Let me lay out this picture here:

~  When we don’t sleep well…there are many variations but it goes something like this:

~  You fall into bed in a heap exhausted…a little like passing out

~  You wake up 2-3-4 hours later to a sound, a bump, your partner snoring, your dog snoring, the  wind howling…

~  And here we go....the mind revs up into full on thoughts flying around a little like those        whipping leaves flying through the air from fall’s gusty winds.

~  Around and around they go...

This is just a left over from your previous waking hours when thoughts, ideas, have-to’s and  to-do lists are the authority in your mind...or, dare I say, the authority in your life!

This left over...this hangover... of adrenaline and cortisol washing through your system due to rapid fire, consecutively triggered, attenuated  stress responses that your brain and body picked up as a threat.. brain and body are dutifully called to action.  And they respond. Every. Single. Time.

During your waking hours this constant barrage of unwieldy thoughts, combined with many consecutive moments of not breathing, has your nervous system registering this as an assault...fight or flight prevails…and this my friends is the all to common, if not epidemic, chronic stress response!

This my friends is Stress! as the authority in your life…not you!


What to do:

1.     Stop, Drop, and Breath! Often throughout your many times as it take. This is informal          short-term management of your nervous system. 

2.     Start a consistent deep practice of awareness meditation to re-set and re-train your nervous          system. ( tip: deep practice does not equate to long practice)

3.     Get fresh facilitate breath.

4.     Get up at least every hour and get your blood flush your system any adrenaline and cortisol that might be building up form little tiny attenuated stress responses that we have not even picked up in our conscious awareness. 

5.     Drink flush your system.

 6.    A great community to join of like minded, like challenged, and similarly effected individuals: Join my Facebook Group:

7.      Super Helpful, super easy, a great way to step in if you have been pondering the need for meditation and awareness in your life...Check out my free offering






Weaving it Together

In my course called The Mindful Intuitive we study the Energy System. As the course progresses we will have deeply studied each of seven Chakras and the participants will be attuned to all three levels of Reiki by the year’s end.

The energy system is as organized and intricate as the anatomy of the physical body.  In some ways, it is easier to distill into simplified concepts.  In other ways, it can be more challenging mainly due to it being less tangible with trust at the very heart of studying the energy system.

The homework for the second chakra class last month was for the students to first journal on each of 6 categories that we generally associate with the second chakra. We then created vision boards with sectors for each of the categories. We collected pictures, trinkets, and sayings that embody what we would like to create more of in our lives. This is the essence of the second chakra…Creation, creativity, birthing of projects, and passion. 

A directive I requested was for the students to put a picture of themselves in each of the sectors.  This speaks to the energetics and to the psyche that this board is about them. I dutifully put a picture of myself in each of the sectors.  Of course I chose pictures I like…or maybe even love.

As I sit and prepare for the Third Chakra class, my 20x 30vision board is propped directly in front of me, just behind my computer, and largely eye to eye.  I feel as though I am being watched…. by ME! “I hope she approves”, was my first whimsical thought once I realized I was being watched. And then it occurred to me…

The 3rd Chakra is so rich and robustly about Self! Self-approval, Self value, Self worth, Self-integrity, Self love, and Self loyalty, to name a few.  Though the vision board was created as a Second Chakra exercise promoting seeding, growing, and birthing of new projects and passions, I realize that it too weaves in everything that the Third Chakra embodies. 

It is about me, it embodies me, the self, what I love, and what I want to grow more of.  It is honoring and highlighting this Self and all that she loves, putting into pictures all that I desire to bring to life. And to make it even more interesting, the only way I would know what I love and want to grow more of is by being in my body, being grounded, and deeply connecting to the earth through my First Chakra.

I am hopelessly in love with this interweaving and how the energy system reveals itself in its wholeness as a system of interconnected systems. It reminds me of how and why I fell in love with the physical body studying it and basing my PT practice in it for years.

The connectedness of the physical and the energetics of life…it is magical and miraculous.

I am super grateful to be passing these wonderful teachings along to my amazing students.  

Peace In~Peace Out



Let Us Not Forget Kindergarten Quiet Time

Have you ever wanted to take a day off of work, take a personal day, just to stay out of the office so that you can work and get caught up? So that you can actually get some things done? How much times have you spent in areas in which you have no cell coverage so cannot answer phone or emails? Do you remember what that feels like?

I can tell you!  It feels like time slows down.  It feels so much more productive, peaceful, and far less distracting, with no rabbit holes to fall into except for the ones created by the real ones. I think this is sometimes why people who have heavy project based jobs like to stay up late and do their work.  There are fewer natural disruptions. Unfortunately our cell coverage doesn’t turn off just because it is nighttime.

Remember in Kindergarten when quiet time was required.  Whether we slept or not was irrelevant. This was quiet time to let our brains and bodies rest. 

Her we are some decades later with increased demands of job and family yet who of us takes a quiet time out during our workday?  If you do, I am truly impressed and offer you props!

I wonder what would happen if we took quiet time outs from our computers and devices for portions of our day. What if we stopped checking emails every time the buzzing, notification sounded?  What if we extracted ourselves from the frenetic and fumbling obligatory response that our little smart phones, tablets, and computers are constantly demanding?

I’m all for the practice of pausing and allowing distractions to float by as clouds, recognizing sounds and thoughts and staying present in your moments despite distractions.  All of these are strategies taught by yours truly in meditation classes.  But is this necessary to withstand this? It is possible to shut down the tugging, pulling and demands of our little smart phones, which are constantly tapping on our shoulders.

By turning off our phones and our notifications for just short periods of times it allows our brains to rest, our nervous systems to reset, and our minds to get juicy with creativity. Turning off our phones is restful for every part of our being. It gives us an opportunity to, as I like to call it, Stop, Drop, and Breathe!

Most of us use our computers for projects and ongoing communication in our work life.  Myself included. It seems the more time I spend behind computer screen the more skilled I become to the lifestyle of responding to every alert that goes off. At least that is the perception.

What if we turned off our phones and our notifications for blocks of time within a day.  What would that do to our flow of productivity and creativity?

Many large corporations are now requiring employee quiet timeouts.  Yay! But no, unfortunately this does not usually mean napping on floor mats. Although this could be the start of something good, something bigger. What the quiet time does require is employees to turn off phones and eliminate writing or reading emails unless directly related to the primary project the employee is working on.

For those of us who independently structure our days or manage others I am challenging us to choose a few of the following to implement some quiet time which in effect will increase the volume flow of productivity and creativity.

-       Most of us are most spry and productive between 9-2:00.  Make these hours  

         the core of your work on projects, creativity requirements

-       Read and respond to emails two times per day only at 9:00 & 2:00pm, and   

         limit the amount of time you take to do so to a half hour.

-       Return phone calls only after 2:00pm

-       Make one day where you don’t respond to emails or phone calls

Pay attention to how this feels in your body and pay attention to your productivity and creativity.

Who knows, maybe this is but just a stepping-stone to a mandatory nap or meditation time out.  Now that would be progress and imagine the creativity and productivity that would flow from that.

Peace In ~ Peace Out








Keeping Your Practice Fresh

I'm glad to offer anything that is helpful anytime for anyone who has embarked on mediation. My heart and efforts are especially spacious for the beginner, which is, if we are honest with ourselves, any authentic student to the practice:

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.” 
— Zen Master Shunryu Suzuk

I have students asking me constantly about resources I like and those I would recommend.  I am so grateful to relay that there are many meditation resources, more so than ever before.  More and more students and teachers of the practice are presenting valuable information from unique and brilliant perspectives. The list is endless! Those that I know are limited to whom I have been referred to or stumbled upon on my own.

I can attest to the importance of finding a teacher, a guide, a cohort, that sings to your heart. Stick with them and then slowly add more of those leaders to your repertoire of favorites. As your life adventure takes you to new places, new revelations and new connections will be made. This will help to keep your life [meditation] practice fresh.

How else do we keep it fresh? How do we stay engaged with our practice when we are noticing a need for inspiration? Where do we go?

I will give you a few suggestions of books, apps, and strategies that have worked for me and my students. Life is so dynamic, so my list is bountiful and ever growing.  In the truest sense on teachings, specifically on Mindfulness and Vipassana, all is to be observed and befriended, including disengagement, boredom, plateaus, and derailments to name a few challenges. There are deeper and valuable underpinnings to why these challenges are occurring. It is at these times that sticking with it is of utmost value.  

One of my personal and greatest indicators that “something lies beneath” is that I fall asleep during mediation.  Yes It could just be that I am tired, though lets say this is happening after I’ve just woken up and just had my cup of coffee or tea and I still fall asleep upon my early morning mediation.  This is where noticing and curiosity can be very useful. I can get curious and go deeper. We all have these indicators and to know ourselves is of great benefit.

I would like to offer my input based on inquiries from students who can feel a plateau and looming sense of disinterest hovering about.  We are humans after all and to know ourselves is to be able to construct a framework of engagement.

The most basic suggestion is finding an app, a book, a class, a podcast, or some connective source that is whipped cream on top of your daily practice. Many times the honeymoon period wears off and we are left with the truly mundane task of meditating. As Mark Warren says, "we don't have to like it, we just have to do it". The juicy interesting additives of apps and podcasts really help to submerge your world into this "life practice".

How can we make brushing our teeth after 50 years interesting and engaging recognizing the importance thereof and acknowledging the monotony? What keeps us doing it? Perhaps in truth, there isn’t anything that will make brushing our teeth, after decades of two-a-days, exciting.  The truth is that we recommit every time we sit on our cushion, every moment we have an experience that has woken us up from a trance into awareness, every time we realize our mind has wandered from the present…these are the times to be noted, because these are the moments when we come back to present moment awareness, which is precisely where the value of mediation lies. These are the times when we are living from the present. These are the times when loving-kindness, compassion, and joy are most readily, if not exclusively available.  

BOOKS: I have so many to suggest. Here are just a few:  If you want some juicy deep guidance on approaching life in a different way especially through challenges I suggest anything by Pema Chodren. She is a deep feeler and isn’t afraid to touch on subjects that are difficult and haunting for the human. Her perspective on how we can approach life challenges is absolutely refreshing, incredibly honest and supportive.

If you are seeking a globally loving net from a super smart individual who is steady and present and offers teachings on day-to-day challenges that we all face psychologist Tara Brach is your girl. She has a podcast and does weekly talks with meditations embedded in these talks weekly. On her website you will find oodles of guided meditations. There is not a week, and sometimes a day, that doesn't go by when I don't tap into her wisdom. Her offerings are so accessible. She loves jokes and intersperses them throughout her talks to break up intense heavy current happenings and subjects.

There is a broad book that I use more as a reference, a collaboration of authors called A Beginners Guide to Meditation.  It is informational and I appreciate that it is a consortium of authors from a variety of disciplines.

I'm somewhat of a brain/anatomy junkie and need lots of left-brain information to keep me engaged and on board and, if I'm honest, convinced that meditation is worthwhile and essential for me. The book Buddha’s Brain... The practical neuroscience of happiness, love, and wisdom, by Rick Hanson. 

I have a penchant for spiritual scientists who try to understand, study, prove, research, experience, convey, and distribute information about what is happening in the brain/body through meditation. Rick Hanson, Daniel Segal, Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Lisa Wimberger, Judson Brewer, Dan Harris…. there are so many of these brilliant folks! If you look, you will find them.

One of the first meditation books that I was required to read for a course is Mindfulness in Plain English by Buante Henepola Gunaratana.  This one was supremely useful for me on so many levels. It is very Buddhist, Vipassana oriented and text book-ey by nature. Not juicy, but good solid information. While reading this one I consistently fell asleep. I get a little bit of a chuckle out of that now, but huge learning took place once I noticed the tendency to fall asleep paired with a deep internal sophomoric resistance to this book. I got through it by noticing over and over again and coming back to non-judgmental observations. It is now an invaluable resource for me with my practice and as I teach.

APPS: Insight Timer is amazing.  It is a community of 1.1 million mediators with 3,951 free-guided meditations and music tracks from 982 teachers.  I love that it tells you how many people are meditating right now. It is precious, rewarding, and powerful to think that we have unknown and unseen connections with all who are meditating at the same time. 10% Happier:  Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics just makes me happier reading the name. This is a collaborative teaching community, which optimizes videos, present day experiences, guided meditations, and community sharing. They create notifications for upcoming events, which are based on apparent needs and/or challenges of current day society. I have used one app by Deepak and Oprah, a 21-day experience.  This was especially useful for one of my students who was recovering from brain changes brought on by a stroke in which too much talking and guiding was overwhelming to her.  There are so many, presumably good ones out there, but I do not have personal experience with many of them. I would love feedback from those of you who have.

GROUPS: For further and ongoing support and connectivity with and for my students, I have created a private Facebook group that is open to those who have taken my courses.  My intention in creating it is to serve t by forming a connective group to share about challenges, tribulations, and inspirations exclusively about their ongoing practice. IT is a post course work net that promotes the practice of everyday mindful awareness creating a community of and for like mindful individuals. There are many communities, seek and you will find the one(s) that will serve you well.

JOURNALING:  after meditation, daily or every few days  (not less than 4x/week at first) can help support meditation on a deeper level. It offers application to and from daily life allowing some reaping of dividends for your daily, moment-to-moment investments in mindfulness. 

A very simple format is creating a form that has columns for the date, minutes meditated, and a space for observations of about 3-5 sentences. You might note prep time, meditation time, objective experiences, and journaling time. This serves the reward centers in our brains, especially those of us who are goal oriented and like to keep lists, check off, and track our commitment in black and white.

You can also journal by stream of consciousness writing. Meditation cracks me open and some days lots of stuff just comes up and out. It's nice to have a place to put it, even if you never go back to it.  These are clearly two different forms of journaling, both valuable for different purposes. 

COURSES:  keep us on track and serve to provide a framework for creating space and intentionality in our life. Each student has much to offer the group, so a place where this is room for discussion is beneficial and in a very basic way, it is an opportunity to connect with and through the commonality of meditation.

Please comment and/or share if you find this information valuable. I am happy to help and guide in any way I can. All you have to do is.

Blessed BE… and so it is!



Hope’s December & the State of BE-ing

My sweet girl Hope turns 12 this month.  For she and I, this is without question, one of ourfavorite months of the year.  My darling Hope was born on 12/23 and since her birth she has taught me much about slowing down and nesting.  She is a busy girl, and just like any 12 year old (or 49 year old)  she is pulled in many directions, especially this time of year...

Read More

Learning From The Teeny Tinies

Increasingly I work with teeny tiny babies, and I do mean tiny, just days old! One might ask why tiny babies need PT or energy medicine, or whatever it is that I do.  And this is why…because when humans are uncomfortable we subconsciously leave our physical being, at least partially.  We disconnect from our physical bodies in ways that leave us literally and figuratively empty. This emptiness ultimately puts us in an intense, and often unrecognized, stress response. This is no different for babies, and in many ways, more acute and obvious. When babies cannot poop, pee, sleep, and eat in peace, they disconnect from their bodies.  This is as scary to them as not feeling good in their teeny tiny bodies.

 I learn much from these wee ones every single day.  I learn much about the human experience and gain insights into the adult existence. All humans need to fully exist in their physical bodies in order to live peacefully.  This does not mean we won’t suffer or experience discomfort.  This means that we get to experience our existence fully.

My job is to remind these babies, and in my work with adults remind all people, that they have a body and then help them find pathways (neurological, musculo-skeletal, energetic, etc.…) where they can begin to feel good in their body.

Here is a truth that plays out every day in my personal practice of being human and my clinical practice while helping others: even if we are physically uncomfortable in our bodies, we have a greater chance of being happy and at peace in a body that is inhabited. 

Today is Week#3 of my current class offering “Weaving Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life”. We are diving deeper into the true freedom that awareness allows.  We continue the practice of hearing, seeing, feeling and sensing with our whole being, which allows us to stay in our bodies.

This week we begin to incorporate the invaluable practice of Loving Kindness and Compassion towards our self and others ass we fully connect to our existence…as we breathe,as we move, as we stay in our bodies. And we practice, and continue to practice…because this is a tall order and one that most of us find challenging. Everyday is a new day. Every moment is a new moment.

Peace In~Peace Out


The Sweet Spot of Loving Kindness

In this podcast I share how a practice of Loving Kindness can lead you to the sweet spot in your heart by opening to vulnerability and truth in challenging times when our default mechanism is to armor up and constrict our hearts. I talk about coping tendencies of the human condition, personal experiences, and lead a meditation based on the practice of Loving Kindness. 

Contrary to Popular Belief

“Cholesterol is precious to your body”. My favorite words ever uttered by my Naturopath.  Then she went on to explain why with educational prowess. Naturopaths are very very good at informing, educating, drawing pictures, and giving lots of great reasons to look at complimentary ways of thinking. They are good at calling to action life changes and supporting those changes. 

Allopathic medicine is highly revered in out culture and I am infinitely grateful for all that it offers through interventions that evaluate and treat illness. Though from my perspective it too is simply complimentary. It is but one perspective.  It can be overwhelming to assimilate the plethora of information and attempt to make good decisions about our health and well being,

Albeit challenging, it is imperative to gather knowledge that supports not only treatment of illness, but also those perspectives that support and focus on prevention of illness and disease. Those are the perspectives that address illness before it has taken a strong hold in our bodies.  The body has great capacity to adapt, recover, and rebuild. It’s wired that way with default mechanisms that give us chance after chance to be strong and healthy. It does need resources, however.

In order to support our body systems you may have to look beyond the popular thought and recommendations.  You may need to consult with multiple practitioners to pull in many pieces to the puzzle of well being.  A great teacher of mine who practiced Osteopathic Medicine for decades advised (many, many times) “ don’t wallow in information that just supports your beliefs, read that which is contrary to what your intellect knows and is certain of; gather information from a variety of sources, and most importantly, from those you disagree with.” It is only when we can look in wholeness that we will experience the great potential of wholeness in health.

Often it is challenging and can be overwhelming to make good and healthy decisions regarding medications.  Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD wrote a very useful blog on medications, their medical uses and their effects.  Read on here for her perspective on very common medications. 

“Cholesterol is precious to our bodies”.  To that I say “yes and amen”! Our bodies are just plain precious and we only get one so treat it like a temple. It is the precious vessel through which we navigate and experience life. Give your body every opportunity to work and perform for you. That is precisely and miraculously what it was designed for!!


Shine on, in health!






What a magical and precious month.

May is full of fruition and coming into full bloom with light shining deeply and broadly serving the new growth of March and April.  It is a month of Lilacs and bursting Cottonwoods. Grass grows with fortitude, Hummingbirds return with voracious low lying flights celebrating in search of the sweet nectar of life. Flickers wail from the treetops giving sound to the hope that lies in reproduction and birth and the melodic bird song awakens us to another day full of the miracles of being present.

 My second child was born in May with all its light and lengthening days.  He is a sensitive, an empath, who as a toddler struggled with food allergies, itchy tags, chronic coughing and fear of dogs to name a few.  We sometimes label these children as challenging. Their reaction to every aspect of life is acute and intense. For them, it is challenging to feel it to feel everything as acutely as salt seeping into an open wound.

Me the sensitive, empathic mama without realizing it, for much of his life, tried to spare him child from my perception of the constant burden and overwhelming nature of being an empath. In doing so he and I learned to imprison each other in the safety of numbness.

There is a natural rhythm for my son, the freedom fighter, with his profound history and a future continuously evolving towards emancipation.  For the growth of his ever dubious, yet courageous, heart I am so proud.  He teaches me daily that letting go is the price of freedom and that by embracing freedom we give ourselves the latitude to choose our own path disentangled and unhindered by the magnetic pull of well meaning loved ones: dads, mamas, sisters, brothers, bosses, friends, community leaders and ¦fellow humans.  May we let go of those we love, yet often simultaneously and unknowingly hinder, in the spirit of freedom for all.

~In Gratitude that there is always the choice to let go and the opportunity to

    keepletting go in every moment.

~In Gratitude that the sensitive empaths of the world can blossom

   and bloom and grow in a matrix of love and support unobstructed by


~In Gratitude that life happens in a series of tiny miracles, unfolding,

   unwielding, and unwinding creating our divine path as we take each step. 

~In Gratitude for all experiences recognizing that they form, feed and heal our


Blessed Be ~and so it is!