Visits play out authentically with Elizabeth using Breath, Meditation, and Sound to enhance healing in each and every session.  The physical body is considered an integral part of the energy system and with her background in Physical Therapy she is able to utilize assessments and treatments inclusively as related to the clients intentions and the needs of the energy system as a whole.  

Sessions will be adjusted to the goals, intentions, and timeline of the individual.  Meditations are always an aspect of the Energy Medicine sessions. If the intention is to sink deeply into the journey of learning Meditation, sessions will be created and include instruction and study of the practice. Goals, intentions, and follow up timelines will be discussed during the initial visit.  

Elizabeth continues to provide Physical Therapy exclusively for the pediatric population.  For these little ones, she specializes in facilitating the structural components of the nursing baby, assists in digestion, elimination, and sleeping challenges by addressing tissue/structrual restrictions and calming the nervous system. Osteopathic Manual Therapy and prescription for developmental/functional activity are the primary interventions.

All  healing modalities used are considered complementary to conventional medicine. 

Due to the inclusive nature of sessions with Elizabeth, a minimum of 90 minutes for the initial Energy Medicine visit is required. 

If you have questions or concerns  or need further clarity, please call or email Elizabeth.