Sessions With Elizabeth

Sessions with Elizabeth typically include guided meditation as a portal to deep work with the intention that the greatest need of my client will be served in the session. We uncover significant stories and scripts as well as ancient threads from the past and present clearing blocks in the energy body, and the auric fields. 

My clients walk out of the door ready to use the meditation techniques learned in session. They are equipped with resources and tools that promote physical and spiritual health, and recommendations for next step processes.  

Many clients come to see me for Energy Medicine and have the added benefit of my perspective as a Physical Therapist. I am able to perceive and address energy blocks, past stories and memory scripts, and physical tissue memory from trauma through the physical body. The Osteopathic Paradigm is the foundation to my PT practice of 23 years beginning with my Masters degree from an Osteopathic University.  Included as part of the curriculum were manual therapy techniques of Craniosacral Therapy, Cranial Mobilization, Visceral Mobilization, Somatoemotional Release, Muscle Energy Technique, Functional Mobilization, and Myofascial Release. Inherent within the Osteopathic Paradigm is a conscious connection between spirit, mind, and body that led me to a multitude of ongoing classes and continuing education throughout the years building from a solid foundation in my Master's of Physical Therapy program.  

One of the greatest gifts I am most grateful for is the ability to have integrated my knowledge from years of education with my experience as a practitioner. The value of this lies in providing holistic treatments that go well beyond technique and serve my clients with applied wisdom.

Sessions are as varied as the individuals with whom I work.  It is always a fascinating and precious process of healing that has a domino effect in the lives of my clients.  After a session your body feels and functions better, clarity and forgiveness unfold, and a deep sense of belonging and well-being prevail.  The many fruits of energy medicine sessions include impacting past, current, and future relationships; affecting careers, accessing the truth and wholeness of health that exists within all of us, and the ability to be creative and find happiness in the day-to-day.  


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