“It is impossible to express what Elizabeth has done for me into a few words. She as been my guide, healer, physical therapist, and has also become a dear friend.  My life has improved in so many ways because of the guidance that Elizabeth has shown me. I'm now much more aware of the things that surround me and I have learned to live in the moment and not dwell on the past. I have a much better relationship with my husband. I'm able to be open and honest even when it’s uncomfortable. She helped me deal with a very difficult situation regarding my mother as well as my relationship with my deceased father. I have learned to forgive and understand them both so much better now.  Most of all, I have learned to forgive myself and let go of my past. This has brought me so much peace!”  

J.K., Bellingham Wa

I can honestly say the work Elizabeth does, goes beyond miraculous. Over the years I have seen her for several different issues and have been amazed by every visit.The results have been similar for my family and friends. Her experience with anatomy and kinesiology followed by her spiritual gifts make her a true gift.

S.T.,  Bellingham Wa

"Elizabeth's loving energy work during the last two years has made a gigantic difference in my well-being. She has the amazing ability to address areas of stagnation and tension while making me feel like I'm floating above the table. Sessions with her are like mini vacations for body and soul. Thanks to her encouragement and supportive feedback, I've also started yoga classes and meditation. What a gift she has given me with all this!"

- A. Z.

"The ancient Greeks have a saying: “mens sana in corpore sano” healthy mind, healthy body. We now know a healthy mind is a result of a healthy spirit. Elizabeth is your spiritual healer and guide who helps you uncover your essential nature and purpose, which in turn allows cosmic energy to flow more freely from spirit to mind to body. This is 21stcentury medicine at its finest and the future of healthcare!

Elizabeth will help you transcend the bounds and limits of our physical world to take you on a journey into the metaphysical world, the world in which your soul resides. It is only here where real growth takes place. And with growth comes understanding of your gifts, your purpose and true joy.

Do you have a desire to know yourself better? Do you want an understanding of why you feel the way you do both emotionally and physically? Do you want to overcome fear and anger? Then you’ve come to the right place. Elizabeth’s unique and powerful gifts will help you to uncover the lessons your soul was born to learn. She will reveal hidden truths about why your soul chose this life and what it is here to learn. Because it is only through exploration at these metaphysical levels that true healing can begin and joy pour forth without limit. 

Let Elizabeth tap your cosmic keg of limitless joy….she’s your metaphysical bartender serving up true spirits; your own.  Get drunk on true joy - freedom from fear and anger replaced with love and light. Belly up to the bar folks! 

Elizabeth is tuned in and aligned with cosmic frequencies, which allow her to resonate and receive information beyond our senses. She sees, hears, and feels the world beyond ours, and uses this information to help us better understand ourselves, overcome our obstacles, allowing us to grow into happier, healthier and more loving beings.

In love and light,"

- B.B, Bellingham WA

"Some, if not all, of my most profound experiences of healing have been in my sessions with Elizabeth Deboo. She is able to help you release and heal the burdens in your subconscious life that keep you from living fully."

- C.T., Bellingham WA

"I have been working with Elizabeth Deboo for several years.  First, as a physical therapist for my children, and eventually with our entire family!

Elizabeth draws on a variety of skills that she has developed and mastered over time which has positively transformed my life in ways I could never imagine. In addition, our community program has also utilized her talents to support families on mindfulness practices.  Elizabeth's work with individuals and community partners has greatly impacted the lives of many. Thank you." 

- C.G.., Bellingham WA