I like to think of people as beings of light. Meditation teaches us to allow ourselves to be fully present and aware of our own full spectrum of color and that of those around us.  It is in this full expression that the bright white light of each of us is revealed.  

Consider a rainbow and  the physics of light within the rainbow. If we took out any one color of the rainbow, bright white light would not exist. Likewise, If we take any part of ourselves and hide it or tuck it away to escape from it we diminish the full expression of who we are, our light, our wholeness and our truth. In essence this is what we seek in Meditation.  We seek a true and whole relationship with ourselves. While this explanation is seemingly existential, there are many reasons to meditate that speak to our physical existence. 

As of late there has been much research being carried out to validate the benefits of mediation.  It is now being proven what many ancients have experienced and known for so long….that regular meditation practice can re-wire the mind and body bringing us profound health benefits. 

A regular Meditation Practice:


~ reduces cortisol levels in our system. Cortisol is a hormone that our adrenal glands pump into our body   when we are under stress. Cortisol communicates with our nervous system and the flight or fight response is elicited.   Under chronic stress, our nervous system continuously responds with fight or flight which then communicates with our adrenals to produce cortisol.  This feedback loop is set up and has profound implications on the health of our physical body. Reducing stress, reduces cortisol output, and facilitates health.

~ brings about structural changes in our brain which improve our ability to be compassionate, empathic, and regulate our emotions.  Meditation teaches us to observe instead of react. In this way we might recognize another person’s struggle instead of reacting in anger. Likewise, we might recognize our own struggles and respond with self- compassion rather than self-degradation.

~ Increases activity in parts of our brain which have been linked to depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, and bipolar disorders. This neural re-wiring has a far-reaching affects on our ability to carry out our relationships, function in our jobs, and impacts every moment of our day-to-day.