During meditation we reduce clutter in our mind not by pushing it away but by becoming aware of it. We become aware of all of our thoughts, all of our feelings. We sit connected to our breath and allow ourselves the latitude to observe and be aware of what we are experiencing.  In our human existence, we have become programmed to respond to ourselves and to our world with aversion and denial by stuffing our emotions away. This creates tangles of clutter and chaos in our being, and more specifically, our mind. Without awareness, our thoughts take over the mind much like weeds overtake a gorgeous garden.

Meditation is cultivation of the garden (mind) by pulling up of old roots (old programming and patterns), clearing rocks and weeds (clutter and debris of the past) and adding minerals, nutrients, and water to the fertile grounds for the cultivation of a new way. The transformation of new possibilities of living and breathing through human life of humanity with clarity, truth, and compassion is available to all through meditation. Meditation has the potential to serve as infinite time-released nutrition that which feeds happiness and contentment.

Sitting in meditation creates a space of quiet receptivity while actively listening, seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling; and it ultimately trains our sense of knowing. It is here that all of our senses culminate in awareness. The process of learning meditation teaches us how to stay in awareness in every moment as we walk through life.

Becoming objective and detached from any and all aspects of ourselves ironically gives us insight as we stand back and observe that each of us is a unique expression of the full spectrum of color.  Meditation is the prism that reveals the full spectrum of our colors that make up the light of the individual, the self, the observer.

Useful practices of breath and awareness can be developed through individual sessions or group sessions and workshops. I invite you to explore these opportunities with me!

Meditation instruction is carried out in various ways from simple gatherings I like to refer to as “Happy Hour” to more formal workshops and classes, in groups or training for individuals. I also offer classes in the corporate setting tailored to the specific needs of a group of employees.

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