Reiki is a beautiful healing modality that is becoming more sought out and widely used by practitioners who have a deep desire to help individuals find a place of healing. Reiki sessions promote caring, prudent, happy beings who seek integrity with themselves and their soul journey. By finding integrity with self, a greater sense of universal love is attained for all living beings. Reiki helps one reach a higher level of consciousness and creates change in the energy system that is full of love, light, and fluidity. Reiki combines art and science for the ultimate goal of health.

Being attuned to Reiki in the Usui system creates a flow of energy that promotes healing in the energy system. It can change the body on a cellular level. Reiki can create space for the mind allowing expansiveness of thoughts, possibilities, and consciousness. Cellular changes and expansiveness of thought create space so that we can consciously connect to our spirit and beyond.

Reiki is a modality which allows the practitioner to tap into the energy system of the client which then facilitates that ability to see, hear and feel the past, present, and future as is relevant to the individual. Being able to sense the vitality, content, and flow within the chakras and the auric layers provides infinite insight into an individual’s health and wellness at all levels.

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