A Writing Exercise~

It always takes me a bit to sink into the space of writing.  I start in one place and find my self in a place that is very far from where I began.  I wonder what and who my voice in writing really is on any given day, in any given moment.  The flow in the moment comes from a place of feeling. It is the feel of how I resonate in any given moment while I write.  Feeling the flow in writing is as important and as powerful as the flow of the water from the glacial melt to the sea. It flows downstream.  Downstream, I repeat downstream. Not upstream!  For nature this is very easy and it would have it no other way. For the human condition we play with upstream and tell ourselves stories of working hard and how important that is.  Nature would never do that.  There is automatic replenishment, automatic flow from external sources in nature be it a tree or a rock or the torrent of the winds against the sea.


To be on the wave, that water particle riding the wave of the whole, to be the dust particle riding in the current of the wind, is to succumb to the flow.

To be tree standing tall and heavy in the ground yet reaching to infinity as far as the tree is concerned, it knows no boundaries. It twists and turns in response to the elements of wind, water and light.  Reach to the light, reach to light.  We see the top of the tree as limited to a number of hands tall.  The tree knows no bounds.  It is not bound by the measuring of hand or stick.

To be without measure with only pure expansion

To be without the bombardment of insecure thoughts and reactions To be without fear

To be that…

What would that feel like?