I trust that what is to be, will be.

I let go of the perceived illusion of control.

I step in with love and carry out what my physical limitations are incapable of without it.

I release all those around me from the tight grip I have choked them with, not out of demise but out of fear.

The fear of the unknown and the unfamiliar

I release all that I have held so tightly in fear, that I may now hold them in the loose and shiny dimension of pure love.

Truly letting go and trusting

I release myself from the confines of definition.

I recognize thought and definition as only one aspect of me, a fragment.

I allow myself to move through existence with ease, in light, releasing the frameworks of the past and allowing them to be included but not limited to who I was, am, or will be.

I allow myself to be all that is infinite, all that is impossibly possible for me, but absolutely possible for the Spirit of Love to accomplish.

With flow, in the next moment it will be more of that and then more.