Flowing with the love of spirit, profound gratitude flows through for the process and the journey, the journey of seeing and knowing things as they truly are in the world of Spirit.   To live and feel and flow in that vibration takes just a shift, not years of undoing.

It is like looking through an airplane window travelling into my next present moment at the speed of sound, unble to truly look back and take account or remember, able only to respond without a set pathway, in the present moment, on autopilot, in the vibration of love.


~Intention with Prayer~

I ask with purest intention to and through love that I move with ease in moments strung together with my existence the result. With perfect clarity and purpose, journeying towards divinity with divine purpose of why I chose to come into this time space reality. I ask that I move with ease with unframed pictures and experiences unbound by thoughts and feelings, towards complete health, wealth, happiness and love.  Through abundance of gratitude and joy we attain our true destiny.

I ask for ease.  I ask for ease.  I feel ease.  I think ease.  I am ease for the divine purpose I came here to be.  For the purpose of my light, which I cannot know the intricacies, through the trust of self and Spirit, I move and flow.  Flowing downstream responding as nature responds to her elements, with ease and abundant peace for the journey first full of love followed by health, wealth and happiness.