What a magical and precious month.

May is full of fruition and coming into full bloom with light shining deeply and broadly serving the new growth of March and April.  It is a month of Lilacs and bursting Cottonwoods. Grass grows with fortitude, Hummingbirds return with voracious low lying flights celebrating in search of the sweet nectar of life. Flickers wail from the treetops giving sound to the hope that lies in reproduction and birth and the melodic bird song awakens us to another day full of the miracles of being present.

My second child was born in May with all its light and lengthening days.  He is a sensitive, an empath, who as a toddler struggled with food allergies, itchy tags, chronic coughing and fear of dogs to name a few.  We sometimes label these children as challenging. Their reaction to every aspect of life is acute and intense. For them, it is challenging to feel it to feel everything as acutely as salt seeping into an open wound.

Me the sensitive, empathic mama without realizing it, for much of his life, tried to spare him child from my perception of the constant burden and overwhelming nature of being an empath. In doing so he and I learned to imprison each other in the safety of numbness.

There is a natural rhythm for my son, the freedom fighter, with his profound history and a future continuously evolving towards emancipation.  For the growth of his ever dubious, yet courageous, heart I am so proud.  He teaches me daily that letting go is the price of freedom and that by embracing freedom we give ourselves the latitude to choose our own path disentangled and unhindered by the magnetic pull of well meaning loved ones: dads, mamas, sisters, brothers, bosses, friends, community leaders and fellow humans.  May we let go of those we love, yet often simultaneously and unknowingly hinder, in the spirit of freedom for all.

~In Gratitude that there is always the choice to let go and the opportunity to keep letting go in every moment.

~In Gratitude that the sensitive empaths of the world can blossom and bloom and grow in a matrix of love and support unobstructed by numbness.

~In Gratitude that life happens in a series of tiny miracles, unfolding, unwielding, and unwinding creating our divine path as we take each step.

~In Gratitude for all experiences recognizing that they form, feed and heal our souls.

Blessed Be ~and so it is!