“Cholesterol is precious to your body”. My favorite words ever uttered by my Naturopath.  Then she went on to explain why with educational prowess. Naturopaths are very very good at informing, educating, drawing pictures, and giving lots of great reasons to look at complimentary ways of thinking. They are good at calling to action life changes and supporting those changes. 

Allopathic medicine is highly revered in out culture and I am infinitely grateful for all that it offers through interventions that evaluate and treat illness. Though from my perspective it too is simply complimentary. It is but one perspective.  It can be overwhelming to assimilate the plethora of information and attempt to make good decisions about our health and well being,

Albeit challenging, it is imperative to gather knowledge that supports not only treatment of illness, but also those perspectives that support and focus on prevention of illness and disease. Those are the perspectives that address illness before it has taken a strong hold in our bodies.  The body has great capacity to adapt, recover, and rebuild. It’s wired that way with default mechanisms that give us chance after chance to be strong and healthy. It does need resources, however.

In order to support our body systems you may have to look beyond the popular thought and recommendations.  You may need to consult with multiple practitioners to pull in many pieces to the puzzle of well being.  A great teacher of mine who practiced Osteopathic Medicine for decades advised (many, many times) “ don’t wallow in information that just supports your beliefs, read that which is contrary to what your intellect knows and is certain of; gather information from a variety of sources, and most importantly, from those you disagree with.” It is only when we can look in wholeness that we will experience the great potential of wholeness in health.

Often it is challenging and can be overwhelming to make good and healthy decisions regarding medications.  Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD wrote a very useful blog on medications, their medical uses and their effects.  Read on here for her perspective on very common medications.  http://www.drnorthrup.com/three-drugs-that-i-would-not-take/ 

“Cholesterol is precious to our bodies”.  To that I say “yes and amen”! Our bodies are just plain precious and we only get one so treat it like a temple. It is the precious vessel through which we navigate and experience life. Give your body every opportunity to work and perform for you. That is precisely and miraculously what it was designed for!!


Shine on, in health!