Increasingly I work with teeny tiny babies, and I do mean tiny, just days old! One might ask why tiny babies need PT or energy medicine, or whatever it is that I do.  And this is why…because when humans are uncomfortable we subconsciously leave our physical being, at least partially.  We disconnect from our physical bodies in ways that leave us literally and figuratively empty. This emptiness ultimately puts us in an intense, and often unrecognized, stress response. This is no different for babies, and in many ways, more acute and obvious. When babies cannot poop, pee, sleep, and eat in peace, they disconnect from their bodies.  This is as scary to them as not feeling good in their teeny tiny bodies.

 I learn much from these wee ones every single day.  I learn much about the human experience and gain insights into the adult existence. All humans need to fully exist in their physical bodies in order to live peacefully.  This does not mean we won’t suffer or experience discomfort.  This means that we get to experience our existence fully.

My job is to remind these babies, and in my work with adults remind all people, that they have a body and then help them find pathways (neurological, musculo-skeletal, energetic, etc.…) where they can begin to feel good in their body.

Here is a truth that plays out every day in my personal practice of being human and my clinical practice while helping others: even if we are physically uncomfortable in our bodies, we have a greater chance of being happy and at peace in a body that is inhabited. 

Today is Week#3 of my current class offering “Weaving Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life”. We are diving deeper into the true freedom that awareness allows.  We continue the practice of hearing, seeing, feeling and sensing with our whole being, which allows us to stay in our bodies.

This week we begin to incorporate the invaluable practice of Loving Kindness and Compassion towards our self and others ass we fully connect to our existence…as we breathe,as we move, as we stay in our bodies. And we practice, and continue to practice…because this is a tall order and one that most of us find challenging. Everyday is a new day. Every moment is a new moment.

Peace In~Peace Out