In my course called The Mindful Intuitive we study the Energy System. As the course progresses we will have deeply studied each of seven Chakras and the participants will be attuned to all three levels of Reiki by the year’s end.

The energy system is as organized and intricate as the anatomy of the physical body.  In some ways, it is easier to distill into simplified concepts.  In other ways, it can be more challenging mainly due to it being less tangible with trust at the very heart of studying the energy system.

The homework for the second chakra class last month was for the students to first journal on each of 6 categories that we generally associate with the second chakra. We then created vision boards with sectors for each of the categories. We collected pictures, trinkets, and sayings that embody what we would like to create more of in our lives. This is the essence of the second chakra…Creation, creativity, birthing of projects, and passion. 

A directive I requested was for the students to put a picture of themselves in each of the sectors.  This speaks to the energetics and to the psyche that this board is about them. I dutifully put a picture of myself in each of the sectors.  Of course I chose pictures I like…or maybe even love.

As I sit and prepare for the Third Chakra class, my 20x 30vision board is propped directly in front of me, just behind my computer, and largely eye to eye.  I feel as though I am being watched…. by ME! “I hope she approves”, was my first whimsical thought once I realized I was being watched. And then it occurred to me…

The 3rd Chakra is so rich and robustly about Self! Self-approval, Self value, Self worth, Self-integrity, Self love, and Self loyalty, to name a few.  Though the vision board was created as a Second Chakra exercise promoting seeding, growing, and birthing of new projects and passions, I realize that it too weaves in everything that the Third Chakra embodies. 

It is about me, it embodies me, the self, what I love, and what I want to grow more of.  It is honoring and highlighting this Self and all that she loves, putting into pictures all that I desire to bring to life. And to make it even more interesting, the only way I would know what I love and want to grow more of is by being in my body, being grounded, and deeply connecting to the earth through my First Chakra.

I am hopelessly in love with this interweaving and how the energy system reveals itself in its wholeness as a system of interconnected systems. It reminds me of how and why I fell in love with the physical body studying it and basing my PT practice in it for years.

The connectedness of the physical and the energetics of life…it is magical and miraculous.

I am super grateful to be passing these wonderful teachings along to my amazing students.  

Peace In~Peace Out