Have you ever woken up at night to some sound or from a dream only to not be able to return to the peaceful zzzz’s?

This is super common especially with those who are chronically stressed…..ahem…you, the entrepreneur.  I see you!

And even if you don’t feel stressed or label it as stress….if you are not able to sleep, believe me your body and brain are perceiving that as stress!

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Let me lay out this picture here:

~  When we don’t sleep well…there are many variations but it goes something like this:

~  You fall into bed in a heap exhausted…a little like passing out

~  You wake up 2-3-4 hours later to a sound, a bump, your partner snoring, your dog snoring, the  wind howling…

~  And here we go….the mind revs up into full on thoughts flying around a little like those        whipping leaves flying through the air from fall’s gusty winds.

~  Around and around they go…

This is just a left over from your previous waking hours when thoughts, ideas, have-to’s and  to-do lists are the authority in your mind…or, dare I say, the authority in your life!

This left over…this hangover… of adrenaline and cortisol washing through your system due to rapid fire, consecutively triggered, attenuated  stress responses that your brain and body picked up as a threat.. brain and body are dutifully called to action.  And they respond. Every. Single. Time.

During your waking hours this constant barrage of unwieldy thoughts, combined with many consecutive moments of not breathing, has your nervous system registering this as an assault…fight or flight prevails…and this my friends is the all to common, if not epidemic, chronic stress response!

This my friends is Stress! as the authority in your life…not you!

What to do:

1.     Stop, Drop, and Breath! Often throughout your day…as many times as it take. This is informal          short-term management of your nervous system.

2.     Start a consistent deep practice of awareness meditation to re-set and re-train your nervous          system. ( tip: deep practice does not equate to long practice)

3.     Get fresh air…to facilitate breath.

4.     Get up at least every hour and get your blood moving…to flush your system any adrenaline and cortisol that might be building up form little tiny attenuated stress responses that we have not even picked up in our conscious awareness.

5.     Drink Water…to flush your system.

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