Dear Ones,

I am getting some really great questions about the Free event which starts Monday, January 22nd. Keep the questions and dialogue coming…I love it!!

You can sign up now, tomorrow, Monday or even mid-week. You can join us for the event anytime! Personally when I engage as a participant in an event like this, I sign up and put it in my calendar.  Because the truth is, if I don’t I will either forget or it will just slide out of importance for me. I have to make it a priority and commit.  Because like with any new skill or activity, it requires some time and attention.

The good news is that you can approach this event in whatever way works best for you, in your time, on your schedule.  Therein lies the beauty of the digital world! You don’t have to drive anywhere, you can wear your jammies and super warm slippers or crawl into your bed (you are getting a glimpse of how I approach these things online events; )))  You can participate before you go to work, before you go to bed, during lunch… it is totally up to you.

The event will go something like this:  you will get daily emails with a short topic and a very doable, accessible, actionable MIndful Awareness exercise.  This is important so that you actually experience something, as opposed to just cognitively processing the information.  You can open, read , and carry out the activity anytime that works for you.

Meanwhile, I will be jumping in the Facebook Group Mindstruck! Meditation & Awareness (link in once you sign up for the event)  This is where all the personal interaction will happen as well as engagement from and with other members participating.  This will touch on the topic of the day but with an extra little spin on it.  Plus you can ask me anything, hear and learn from others in the group as they journey through the event. The group is meant to be engaging and connective. Again, it’s your choice: you can remain observant, but quiet in the group or engage to your heart’s content.

You might notice I focus on and use the word entrepreneur a lot.  Now more than ever, there is huge, and in epidemic proportions, entrepreneurial burnout, depression, anxiety, and general ill health.

In many ways, I see us all as entrepreneurs in our own lives.  In many ways, I feel like if we attended to ourselves from the inside out as we attend to our business or our job, we might actually feel more productive and enjoy our “work” be it our career, our family, or any other engagements.

Let’s tease apart the definition of an entrepreneur. When looking it up,  I had no idea but there are some really fiesty blogs on this.  It sort of blew me away.

Like this one:

The author feels to me to have a defensive and threatened tone. Things are moving very very quickly in the world and perhaps it is to be expected that it will create wrinkles, challenges, and feelings of threat. The blog was also super simplistic and leaves out service, value, and connections with people to name a few, as elements of entrepreneurship.   I think there is a richer, juicier, more evolved working definition.

Definition by Merriam Webster: ” one who organizes, manages and assumes the risk of a business or enterprise” Meh…I hate to rebel against Merriam Webster, but still a little bland for my taste and experience.

I see the analogy of us, as people, being entrepreneurs of our lives.  We are and should be the leaders making executive decisions, we should manage and create systems that work for us that promote ease, health, wealth, love and happiness for ourselves and then naturally, organically and wholeheartedly spread and allow this goodness to ripple into our families, our communities, and our world.

Lastly, for this notion of “risk” that comes up in most classic definitions of an entrepreneur. It seems to me that this is also applicable to our lives as people, every person as an entrepreneur.  The short list of the risks of being an engaging human, as I see them are:   loving, creating, engaging, believing, spending, balancing, experiencing, adventuring, choosing, exercising freedoms…and more! What stands out to me is that the risks are actually the same things that create joy and meaning in our life.

As humans we each need TLC, nurturing, time, and attention for us to be our best selves. We must attend to this from the inside out for us to impact our world in great and profound ways. If we don’t know who we are from the inside out,  how can we know what we stand for, what we believe in, what we want to create, our legacy, vision, and impact for our world?

This is why I do what I do.. to teach people to live from the inside out empowering them to know, trust and like themselves, to help them wake up and put into the world their super valuable unique gifts. How could I not love this work!!

WIshing you all infinite blessings in your moments!
XOXO Elizabeth

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FREE 5-Day Experience:
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This 5-Day Experience will help you:

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Who I am: I am a Physical Therapist of 23 years now specializing in Meditation and Awareness Coaching. I teach the connection to breath and meditation as powerful tools of awareness. My passion lies in coaching people to create buoyancy for success, to be visionaries and integrators of their own unique gifts, creating the of life of their dreams from the inside out…impacting relationships, community, and the greater human collective.

I have expanded my programs, coaching, and teaching into the online space with many ways to connect with numerous resources including a weekly blog, weekly podcast, a Facebook Page where I do a minimum of 2 FB lives per week, and  FB group called Mindstruck! for a more experiential connection with meditation and awareness.

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