Hello February!

I love this month and can only see hearts and chocolate in my inner thought bubbles. My favorite is the JuJu hearts, not sugared, the smooth with a subtle taste of cinnamon.

Feb always feels like dawn to me…dawning of the year… the awakening. Perhaps that is because the days are evidently longer and the light spawns awakening. Like the crocus, I feel more like popping my head out and engaging after January, the month of hibernation.

February is a time of awakening and in that awakening, it is a time of reflection on your intentions. Those intentions you may have set forth in your new year’s plan. Reflect and adjust your short-term goals and continue the journey toward your long-term goals.  But don’t be shy about intentions.  Get juiced up and be inspired, tap into your imagination and creativity. Think big.  Feel big! Create big Why not?

Go inside and become aware of your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and emotions. Be with them non-judgmentally.  Be present with yourself. This is where you will find your true desires and your intentions.  Once you become aware of your intentions, then watch out, because action is the next piece.

In every acorn, there is an oak tree.  It really is one of nature’s finest lessons to we humans. Isn’t it impressive to think of something so small yet plentiful and seemingly insignificant as an acorn will produce a giant oak tree full of life? A giant oak tree that will reach high and wide! Isn’t it profound that this small seed becomes something very impressive?

I think we sometimes we forget.  We forget we are that acorn! We can feel small and insignificant. We can hold the belief that we are anything but powerful or influential.  In the bigness and the chaos of life, which by contrast feels much more influential and grand, our significance gets lost and we feel the smallness of the acorn. We can even limit our self from growing into the impressive state of the oak tree simply by believing we are not significant, simply by playing small.

I’d like to give you a little nugget today and remind you that you are the acorn… that inside of you is your magic, your gift, your significance and your uniqueness.  There is much we can do to support our acorn selves as we grow into our big oak tree selves. Yes, the developing oak tree needs water, nutrients, light, and attention.  Just as we humans need resources to grow, develop, and evolve into our biggest and best selves.

What are those resources you will choose? Here is a short list that I suggest you add to when considering the growth of your oak.:

  • Surround yourselves with supportive people who honor your uniqueness
  • Connect with nature with her ever inspiring lessons and examples of healing and fortitude,            entropy, and peace
  • Read stories that allow your imagination to swell and blossom
  • Read opinions that are different than yours: this will open you to other ways of thinking and           at the same time affirm those beliefs you know to be  right and true for you
  • Persist in your dreams and desires despite a challenge that might arise, this will show you and remind you of how deeply you want this dream. … don’t give up!
  • Practice being nice things to yourself.
  • Be encouraging to you
  • Remove limits you place on your dreams and desires….It is never too late, we are never too            old, and being tired is not an excuse for having dreams
  • Cultivate a relationship with yourself so that you know you…you know what you love and area.
  • Adjust your strategies when the old ones aren’t working anymore.
  • Reflect on your goals and intentions at least monthly.

Life is a game of adjustment, not abandonment.  When you are tired, consider resting instead of giving up.  Care for this inner oak tree, have a relationship with it, get to know it, feed it, water it, and love it.  This is how we cultivate our heart’s desires.  They are not to sit dormant inside of you. They are to be walked into the world and shared with your fellow humans.

What will you do this month to nurture your inner oak tree?

I would love to hear about it!!

Peace In~Peace Out!