Focus, connect, reduce some anxiety, and perhaps even sleep better tonight.

Heart Meditation Audio
Oh I totally get it…we are our own worst enemy when it comes to self-care. I can’t tell you the number of clients that email me or message me feeling overwhelmed with life’s chaos and completely disempowered to do anything about it right then, in that moment. They are uninspired and dare I say… feel hopeless in the moment to do anything to preserve themselves.

The truth is this…

There is hope, you can calm yourself, you can find a moment of peace, you can increase your heart-centered nature, you can bring your heart rate down, you can even reduce your blood pressure and shift your nervous system to a state of rest & digest.

You CAN learn to meditate to find peace and well being…research says so. Millions of people have tried, learned, and mastered this skill set.

Finding peace in the chaos, reducing anxiety on a moments notice, finding stillness in yourself despite the frenetic world around you is a skill. It is like learning how to tie your shoes and learning how to ride a bike.


Adulting… well now that is a very interesting phenomenon indeed when it comes to learning new tasks. We as adults aren’t always amenable to learning new things. I really think its because we either feel like we already know or we have extremely high expectations for ourselves for getting it right. That is the beauty of meditating… rightness isn’t a thing. You don’t even have to like it, for it to be effective. You just have to do it!


All of my childhood and my early adult life was spent feeling helpless and overwhelmed by the frenetic chaos of the world and my internal ( and sometimes external) reaction to it. I know this suffering well.


I know the lack of focus, the lack of stillness, and the internal physical and psychological effects of worldly chaos. I know this from the depths of personal experience. I also know this from working with 1000’s people coming to me seeking comfort and peace in mind and body over the past 25 years as a PT.

Humans seek peace and well being. We want to feel good. We just don’t always know how to go about it. We just don’t always believe that it is possible to feel better. We just aren’t convinced that we are capable of it.

I am here to tell you…you are capable of feeling better. You have options and possibilities, You might have to seek initial guidance ( or not…) but you can be your own hero here. And guess what? Then you become the guide and reflect this possibility to others in the world showing them how to be their own hero… reminding them of their best selves.


As a PT I spent years mastering knowledge of the science of the body its physiology, the nervous, muscular, and skeletal system. I began integrating the science of the body and brain into my study of meditation. I became proficient at understanding the effects of meditation on the body, mind, and spirit and am now applying this knowledge to a daily practice of my own and most importantly to me…empowering others to do the same….empowering others to be their greatest advocate and their greatest hero, instead of their worst enemy.


Here is how you do it in 3 Steps…

1. Carve out time …5-10 minutes/day.

2. Daily for 5-10 min of deep, consistent, regular meditation practice….follow a guided meditation to start.

3. Implement tidbits of this practice informally throughout their day….for example, pay attention to your breath for 3 cycles.


Yes you can be a DIY...a do it your selfer. If you need a teacher or a guide to show you, to walk with you through the process, to customize the process as needed, to hold your hand through the challenges of learning this new skill, responding to questions …..I’m your girl. 

Or If I’m not… I implore you to find the right teacher and guide for you! We all need help and guidance at some point.

I hear some say… it is expensive to learn how to meditate. Expense can be experineced through the resources of time or money. Aways my response to this is it is far more expensive to not learn. The expense comes in the form of stressed out people suffering from loss of sleep, overwhelm, anxiety and this is having a huge impact in their life in extreme ways.

If stress and loss of sleep hasn’t impacted your health in a measurable way yet, it really is only a matter of time. Take a peak at research on the importance of sleep and the detriments of lack of sleep. It is astounding.

When we are strung out and stressed out our health suffers, our relationships suffer, and our work life suffer. Even broader, because I’m one that looks at the big broad picture….the world suffers… from you not being your best self.  We need you empowered, inspired, and hopeful as a potent force in the world.

Here is what you can do for sure…Learn how to empower yourself implementing lifelong techniques to reduce your suffering and instill peace in your world.

Make a commitment now… listen to free meditations, DIY…see how you feel. Observe and connect with people who are also seeking peace, stillness, and calm. See how they are doing this. Notice the impact it is having on their health and their relationships.

If DIY is not for you and you know it…commit to a class, pay for the class, and attend the class.

Seek me out to have a conversation about your individual needs, take advantage of my free offerings and my network of support to get a feel for my style.


Healthy, content, well rested, calm, peaceful, less anxious, hopeful, inspired, and feeling empowered is what is in store for you. The stakes are very high.

Because the alternative is your life remaining the same. This will be as good as its gets. The alternative to making a change is increasing episodes of anxiety, looking for substances to cope and looking for other quick fixes.


You can shift from hopelessness, stressed out, overwhelmed, stuck and unhealthy to the empowered, hopeful, inspired, best version of yourself. You will notice an improvement in physical health, vitality, and well being. You will without a doubt notice dramatic improvements in relationships at home, at work, and in your community.

You can do this my friends…you’ve got this!

Start Now~ Sit, Breathe & Listen…

Heart Meditation Audio

Wishing you blessings in your moment.

Peace In ~ Peace Out