“When properly mobilized, sound can specifically entrain the human organism toward greater harmony and homeostasis that it requires to remain vibrant and to regenerate after injury or illness”

~ Mitchell L. Gaynor, MD

An array of Sound Therapy Modalities are utilized within Energy Medicine Sessions:

Crystal Quartz Sound Bowls:

7 crystal quartz sound bowls, each representing the frequency of the 7 major chakras

Sound Table & Sound Pillow:

The sound table is used to impact an array of body parts focusing on specific challenges in the body, such as anxiety, tendon repair, endocrine balancing, and the digestive system.

Tuning Forks:

Tuning forks entrain the body’s vibration and return it to its “optimum”, natural healthy resonance. Tuning fork frequencies are effective tools for use in Sound Therapy and are used in conjunction with singing bowls, sound table, and vocal toning.

Vocal Toning:

Just as with the other sound therapy modalities, the sound and vibration of Elizabeth’s voice creates a shift in the vibration of tissue or a body part of its inherently healthy state. Vocal sounds send a ripple of vibration through the client’s physical body and the energy body surrounding it.

The vibration of the tone ripples through the body and subtle energy system, drawing upon the client’s own body’s natural inbuilt systems of self-healing to strengthen and balance the electromagnetic field.

Clients are also encouraged to carry out vocal toning as a home practice. Our thoughts and feelings are carried in the tone of our voice through vocal toning it is possible to restore health by stimulating the circulation and releasing held emotions and impacted memories.


Sound as therapy can provide results for a variety of issues including:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress management
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Pain management

Water is the key to sound as a healing modality

We know for sure that water is of major importance to all living things. In fact, up to 90% of some organism’s body weight comes from water. For humans, the adult body is composed of up to 60%water.

According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry: Major Organisms & Their Water Composition

  • Brain & Heart ~> 73%
  • Lungs~> 83%
  • Skin ~> 64%
  • Muscles & Kidneys~> 79%
  • Bones~> 31%

Water is essential for all major functions in our body:

  • BUILDING MATERIAL: A vital nutrient to the life of every cell
  • REGULATES our internal body temperature through sweating and respiration
  • TRANSPORTS & METABOLIZES carbohydrates and proteins that our bodies use as food in the bloodstream
  • FILTERING flushing waste mainly through urination…
  • SHOCK ABSORBER for the brain, spinal cord, and fetus
  • DIGESTION forms saliva and digestive compounds.
  • LUBRICATES soft tissue & joints for movement

There simply would not be you, me, or any other living thing without the existence of ample water supply on Earth. There is not one cell in your body that is not affected by and made up of water.

IT’S A MATTER OF PHYSICS…Water + Vibration + Sound


Everything in the universe is vibrating

  • Physical matter
  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Everything!

Everything in the universe has its own frequency at which it vibrates (this can be measured by science).

Though it has been proven by science it is sometimes very challenging to imagine that sound vibration can have an impact on the cells of our body.

Take for example diagnostic ultrasound used in the soft tissue of the body; ultrasound techniques used to break up kidney stones, and ultrasound you might receive to facilitate rehab of a tissue injury by your physical therapist. These are examples of inaudible sound as healing or diagnostic modalities.

Sound Vibration & RESONANCE

Resonance is the ability of one thing to cause another to vibrate.

         Sound & Vibration Experiment with Water


Taking a large quartz sound bowl and fill it about half way with water The bowl has its own natural frequency a specific note and when played will sound that note, let say E.

The vibration that is produced through the solid quartz when the wand rubs the bowl produces a vibration. This creates water movement. The vibration produces waves, which move the water.

First, it looks like shallow rippling waves. With consistent playing over a few minutes, the waves begin to bump into each other and off the walls of the quartz creating what looks like sparkling water with waveforms.

As the water increasingly vibrates, it spits up, effervesces and bubbles as long as the wand on the bowl is producing the vibration. At the same time, an actual sound is being produced, the E note that is the resonant frequency of the bowl.

The bowl and the water resonated. This is the basis in which sound can facilitate health and well being and even change cells from challenged to healthy states.

“When properly mobilized, sound can specifically entrain the human organism toward greater harmony and homeostasis that it requires to remain vibrant and to regenerate

after injury or illness” ~ Mitchell L. Gaynor, MD

Entrainment is when one rhythm causes another to synchronize.

Resonant Frequency

Remember that everything has a natural inherent frequency

  • Everything vibrates at its own natural frequency.
  • You vibrate at your own natural frequency.
  • The chair you are sitting on
  • The car you are driving
  • The bed that you sleep on, and
  • Every cell in your body has its own natural frequency.

In effect your body, and its natural frequency is made up of the compilation of the vibrations of every cell in your body and is impacted by the following two laws:


  1. Resonant Dominance is the law of resonance that a stronger vibration will overcome and entrain a weaker vibration into the same vibration of the more dominant frequency.
  1. Transformative Resonance is the law that a stronger vibration can actually transform the resonant frequency of an object so that its resonant frequency becomes that of the dominant frequency.

Sound Therapy uses the law of resonant dominance and transformative resonance to shift cells, organs, and the body as a whole toward its inherent natural healthy resonant frequency.


Sickness/Dis-ease/is essentially a result of some part of the body becoming out of tune with its natural frequency

In shifting from sickness, or dis-ease, it is a matter of resonating with the healthy frequency of that part of the body, helping it to return to its natural healthy vibration where it can once again resonate at its natural healthy frequency.

In Sound Therapy we entrain the body part with dis-ease and retune the body part to its natural state of health.

An inquiry from a client:

Hi Elizabeth,

I recently purchased a crystal-singing bowl tuned to C and designed to resonate with the root chakra. My husband was just diagnosed with aggressive prostrate cancer and has started treatment (which has already shocked his system making him very sick). I am just wondering how I might structure the use of the bowl (morning/night etc.) to provide healing support for him. He is open to complementary experiences along this current path. Just curious….



Dear Lucinda

I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s current health challenges. It is so beautiful and serendipitous that you have found yourself with such a gorgeous healing modality at this time.  I use singing crystal bowls in my Energy Medicine practice for healing.  The C bowl, Root bowl, is lovely in supporting the physical structure through the cancer treatment. It reminds the energy body of its inherent natural state of health which is mirrored through the first (etheric body) layer. It helps people stay present in their physical form through the discomfort of health challenges and treatments.

Chanting Chakra sounds along with the singing bowl is profoundly healing.  Further, your husband toning sounds as he plays the bowls is like him finding his own power in his healing, his soul’s song.  As you can see there are layers to this healing process.  The bowl creates the sound, which is the vehicle and frequency for deep transformation and healing.  Like any practice, if your husband can step into using the bowls for himself he has a lifelong, ongoing tool for self-healing. Likewise, if he can fully receive as you facilitate healing, he is healing on another level.

The following are the sounds for each major Chakra: all of these sounds rhyme with “mom”. I suggest toning with the bowls using these sounds.  The actual note you tone is less important than your intention and the vowel sound you form. I suggest joining the bowl in creating frequencies for healing.  I also remind you as a healer to allow the sound to move through you for your own healing.  You too are a channel. Allow and trust the sound to do the work. The sound will drench the parts of his physical and subtle bodies where it is most needed. Trust your knowingness and teach your husband to trust knowingness in this exercise of allowing. Energetically speaking when we hit a health crisis it is our beings way of asking us to pay attention and care for ourselves in deep and profound ways.

Chakra 1 “LAAAAAAAM “

Chakra 2 “VAAAAAAAM”

Chakra 3 “RAAAAAAAM”

Chakra 4 “YAAAAAAAM”

Chakra 5 “HAAAAAAAM”

Chakra 6 “OHHMMMMMM”

Chakra 7 all sounds combined

Sending you and your husband heaps love and light.


Peace In~ Peace Out

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