Heart-Based Living: 
compassion, loving-kindness, care, love, peace, and forgiveness.

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I think we all can agree that existing in and through the heart is ideal. However, I am not convinced we all feel that we are capable of getting there…to the heart.

I can tell you with absolute certainty.. you are!

You are capable of purposefully and consciously moving into heart space regardless of your current state.. sad, angry, desperate, sleepy, hungry, and so on.

I have noticed that many, many people believe that not only are they incapable but they are not worthy of such wondrous feelings.  I know that sounds odd. It would blow you away the things that people believe about themselves and their worthiness for feeling good.

I think most of us have felt and acted through our heart. My intention here is to show you that you can choose this consciously and shift the needle towards the heart even in the worst of times, with practice.

The aforementioned heart-based qualities remind us that we have a higher capacity to love and care for others. And it also gives us choices.

Please hear me say, we do have the choice to live through heart-based qualities. Quieting your existence from within despite the chaos of the external world, not believing every story your mind tells you and not over-identifying with every emotion is a really, really big step in that direction.

In order to do so, you must take the emphasis off the mental monkey mind, drop into breathing through your heart, and allow your body, mind, and spirit to align so there is one intention, one goal, one purpose.

Aligning these aspects of ourselves increases our skill and our capacity to experience and live positive heart-based feelings.

Alignment ~ Coherence: mental, emotional and physical alignment!

I particularly love how this connects us to our intuitive guidance.  When our body, mind, and spirit are not aligned we weaken our connection with our intuition and our ability to care for others, we weaken and deafen ourselves to our soul’s wisdom and then are left at the mercy of our ego.

Ego has a lot to teach us but it typically is in the form of contrast. The ego teaches us through suffering, through reactions, and situations where we feel completely separate from our spirit.

We do have the power to shift and intentionally create emotional states that we desire. In order to do this, we must be in coherence->  Body, mind, spirit aligned. 

| Know Thyself | 

Write It  Down 
3-5 qualities that you would identify in yourself as heart-based (i.e., generous, compassionate, thoughtful).Write It Down
3-5 qualities that you exhibit when you are stressed ( i.e., irritable, contracted, critical, insecure, competitive)

Write It Down
Now write down three -5 things that get in the way of heart-based qualities ( i.e., overtired, hungry,
rehashing stories)

Who are you when you are stressed?
What gets in the way of your expression of heart-based qualities?

Once you know yourself best self and, in contrast, your stressed self, you can be totally honest and authentic about the wholeness of you.

Your best self willingly offers heart-based responses to the world. Your stressed out self contracts against fear and feels threatened by even mundane things.

All of this is great information. All aspects of ourselves have much to teach us.

Once you learn this, and you have practices that support heart-based living, you can hone the skill of heart-based living…  It is a skill. It does take practice.

In times of stress and fast-paced change, it’s especially important to add more heart to your practices.

Centering in the heart is a gateway to your spirit. It is a gateway to reenergizing you. It’s why sometimes you must extract yourself from your day to day life.

Our daily obligations pile up and create a compilation of heaviness that we feel we cannot get out from under. Sometimes with heart-based practices, we are able to shift during the practice.  Sometimes we are even able to implement them into our day to day moments when we see our heart-based responses being compromised. And the reality is that sometimes we can’t. It is just the reality of being human.

The likelihood of being able to shift the needle toward heart-based qualities increases with a constituent practice.

Begin with this Heart Meditation. Every day in the morning when you wake up. It is 8 minutes and some seconds. Begin to implement this as needed throughout your day.

I promise, you will feel the change and once you can feel the change, you can be the change. This is your super power!

Peace IN ~ Peace OUT

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