Episode #16
Title: Expressing Ourselves as Spirit Through Our Humanity… PLUS A Meditation

Description: Episode #16 Hey this is a special episode today. I’m hiking and podcasting at the same time. I do my best work in the forest and you get to come with me to the forest this time. You’ll hear me breathe…and that’s a good thing!! Breath is our life force. You’ll hear the bird song and you’ll hear me talk all about how humans are here to express ourselves and relate to each other. You are spirit. You are spirit living in a human body. I think we humans kind of have it back  wards. I’ll share how I think you can turn this around Join me! Here my “dark night of the soul” story. Stick around until the end…I’ll guide you through a meditation that will remind you of who you are as spirit yet honor your humanity. Don’t forget to subscribe to get notifications of published episodes and bonus episodes that come out. If you have something nice to say about this podcast please leave a review. This helps those who don’t know about me, to find me. Thank you so much!

Peace in~ Peace out

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