Episode 17 | Expressing Ourselves as Spirit Through Our Humanity…PLUS A Meditation

  Episode #16 Title: Expressing Ourselves as Spirit Through Our Humanity… PLUS A Meditation Description: Episode #16 Hey this is a special episode today. I’m hiking and podcasting at the same time. I do my best work in the forest and you get to come with me to the [...]

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Episode 15 | Living Life Through Heart Based Qualities of Compassion, Love, Gratitude & Generosity

Heart-Based Living:  compassion, loving-kindness, care, love, peace, and forgiveness. Listen to my latest podcast on Living Heart-Based Qualities. I think we all can agree that existing in and through the heart is ideal. However, I am not convinced we all feel that we are capable of getting there...to the heart. [...]

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Episode 14 | BREATH WORK…Healthy & Calm States of Being, Be Your Best Self, Live Your Best Life!

BREATHWORK Deep breathing is the key to access health, calmer states of being and ultimately to be your best self, living your best life. Breathwork is instructed and utilized in all sessions as a tool to teach the empowering ability to shift and calm the nervous system. Often it [...]

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Episode 13 | Sound Therapy & Sound Medicine…How Sound Heals

SOUND THERAPY “When properly mobilized, sound can specifically entrain the human organism toward greater harmony and homeostasis that it requires to remain vibrant and to regenerate after injury or illness” ~ Mitchell L. Gaynor, MD An array of Sound Therapy Modalities are utilized within Energy Medicine Sessions: Crystal Quartz [...]

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Episode 12 | Mindful Awareness… Structure, Function, and Health, Circumventing The Stress Response.

Mindful Awareness…Applying It To Structure, Function, and Health, Circumventing The Stress Response.   Description: In this episode, we are talking about how meditation changes the brain, the benefits of meditation, as well as highlighting the physiology & anatomy of a stress response. You won’t want to miss this… I [...]

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#11 The What & How of Mindful Awareness And How Chocolate Is Relevant in Creating A Practice Of Meditation

Welcome back to Mindstruck! Meditation & Awareness Studio Podcast This week it’s all about the what and the how of Mindful Awareness, the pillars of mindfulness, the difference between a formal and informal practice and then I’ll show you what chocolate can teach us about Mindful Awareness. Stay tuned [...]

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#10 Regarding The Brain: The Importance of The Spirit In Which You Do Things …Obligation Breeds Obligation & Joy Breeds Joy

The Spirit In Which We Do Things... Obligation Breeds Obligation...Joy Breeds Joy I invite you to listen to this blog as a podcast by clicking on the link above. You will also find it on my website, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play. Pop your headphones in and listen [...]

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