Episode 14 | BREATH WORK…Healthy & Calm States of Being, Be Your Best Self, Live Your Best Life!

BREATHWORK Deep breathing is the key to access health, calmer states of being and ultimately to be your best self, living your best life. Breathwork is instructed and utilized in all sessions as a tool to teach the empowering ability to shift and calm the nervous system. Often it [...]

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Mindful Awareness Part 3…Meet The Dragon & The Princess

Mindful Awareness A 3 Part Series… Click here  to listen to the content of this series in its entirety on the Mindstruck! Meditation & Awareness Studio Podcast, episode #12 Part 1. Applying It to Structure, Function, and Health…Circumventing The Stress Response  Part 2…Unpacking A Non-life threatening Stress Response…We Have Options: Fight, [...]

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