Gather a Group

I encourage people to gather two or more friends or colleagues and request to schedule a group meditation party or gathering. Learning and experiencing Meditation in a group is very powerful and many times serves to enhance the personal experience. Learning is always facilitated and pretty darn interesting when there are others to ask questions and share their meditation and inner self-experiences.

For more information, see my blog post on Meditation.

After perusing the group experience options, please email Elizabeth to set up a free consultation to customize the desired experience.

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Gather A Group Host A Meditation Gathering. Elizabeth loves to offer customizable group meditation experiences.  This can be in honor of a special event or just a way of bringing a group of special people together to experience the calming and centering effects of meditation.

Gather A Group…Intuitive Readings and Energy Clearing is also a popular option.  Elizabeth has a very scientific manner of teaching the basics of meditation. In addition to her knowledge of the brain and body, some of her greatest skills lie in the ability to channel and translate the unseen world. She attributes her ability to access this visionary intuitive gift to meditation and awareness. One of her loves is to share and teach others about their own intuitive & empathic gifts.

Gather A Group…Lunch & Learn Elizabeth is available to come to your business and teach the basics of breath & meditation. This is a straightforward, scientific, easily digestible way for employees to learn stress reducing strategies and self-care techniques specifically directed to the work environment. You, your employees, team, and colleagues will learn tools and strategies to improve focus, concentration, and creativity all the while calming the nervous system. This offers the possibility of establishing a practice in which you and your employees can make well-rounded lifestyle shifts toward increased productivity, focus, concentration, health, peace, and overall well-being.

Gather A Group …Team Focus Inspirational and Self Care Workshops –varied and customizable topics such as setting goals and intentions, using meditation and breath to center to improve focus, clarity, specific to work productivity.

Gather A Group…Public Speaking Engagements: workshops, live events, educational forums, guest interviews or town hall meetings and forums to educate and instruct on intention, breath, meditation, and awareness and how these practices formulate a lifestyle at home and at work. Customizable.