Animal Communication

Animal Communication and Healings are carried out typically from a distance through phone or Skype. You will send me an image of your animal for me to connect through visually.  I connect with your loved one, communicate and offer a healing.

If you are local and would prefer an in-person communication and hands on healing for your  beloved one, I do make house calls.  If that is your preference please email me.

Now to address the elephant in the room…
what the heck is animal communication?

Animal Communication is the ability to intuit what your animal friends are conveying to you. In a sense you do this every day with your beloved animals. You may or may not consciously realize it, but you do this every single day.

Think of the times when you have known exactly what your animal needs or wants, you have noticed by watching, listening, and feeling them through the world in front of your eyes. Unknowingly you have also been picking up on more subtle information that I like to describe as “from the world behind your eyes”.

Perhaps your animal is hungry, bored, in pain, troubled by a social situation. Clearly they are not communicating with you through words like that of humans. They communicate with you intuitively, telepathically. Humans often dismiss this intuitive style of communications as all in our imagination. I assure you, this is not so.

Intuitive communication is a natural form of communication that we are all born with, yet unfortunately we are socialized out of as children. As we grow up and develop we quickly fall asleep to intuition as we become much more concrete. This black and white existence requires us to see, feel, and hear evidence in order to believe things to be real and validated.

Think of that sweet child you know that talks to animals or has imaginary animal friends. Remember a child you might have known that seems happier and better adjusted when around animals, and think back to times when you have without a doubt noted how animals respond to certain people.

I received my very first dog late in life as Christmas gift when I was a sophomore in high school. I begged and pleaded for a dog for years before getting my sweet Molly O’Malley buff colored cocker spaniel. A few years later I left for college and it was quite painful to leave my Molly dog behind. I ventured home on some weekends and by reports of my mom, Molly always knew the Fridays that I would be coming home for a visit. She would wait for me on the doorstep until I arrive. Alternatively on the weekends I did not come home, she did not wait for me. When I was coming, she knew it. What I know now is that she and I were having telepathic, intuitive communications well before my arrival.

Intuitive communication is completely natural and inherent in our being. Humans have a tendency to think our language is the more highly developed language because it is what we know. I would argue that intuitive communication is actually more of an advanced form of communication, one that we all have access to. Through it we can see, hear, feel, and know details that our pets simply cannot convey through the barriers of our respective languages. This is a gift of communication that we have for each other.

My animal communication mentor taught me that we are humans living in a human world our animals too live in a human world. From her perspective, she explained that it is our duty and responsibility as their greatest advocates to be their voices in this human world., to do our best to even the playing field so-to-speak.

They are animals living in a predominately human dominated world. So whether we are talking about domesticated animals or wild animals, humans can give voice, heart and support to the animal world.

Like most of us, animals love and appreciate being heard and held up in their truth. This as I see it is part of my mission here is to be a voice and a channel for animals.

Read on for a communication with Scully, an elderly dog who was slowly preparing to transition form the earth plane. Since the time of this reading she has transitioned.

Scully (4/2016)

Scully is an elderly dog and surprisingly I did not ask her what her age is.  She presented herself as a wise seeker, soft fuzzy face, and she connected eagerly. Bruce and Jodie are her people.  There is such a gorgeous mutual adoration among these three.  It just melted my heart.

Scully showed me a rattle and fluid around her heart.  She reassured me that she is not worried about it and it does not hurt her.  She told me that is was just hard for her to walk and get around affecting her endurance. This is an indication of heart failure.  Her heart felt wet to me.  She shows me some coughing to clear lungs.

She reminisced about how playful and full of spunk she was when she was a young pup.  She explains,  “to the extent that I didn’t take notice of anything else. Now that I am old (and she clarified, “not older, Old!” almost as if to reinforce reality) I notice everything.  Its funny how time slows down when you notice everything. ”

“I keep telling that cat that it has a job to do.  Cats don’t see it that way. They are conditionally loyal. I’m glad that with all my shenanigans over the years I didn’t permanently scare it off. Now I have this opportunity to teach the cat.” Scully went on to tell me that she is training the cat to be more like a dog, more of a companion for when she leaves her physical body.

“I’m not going to lie, it is difficult to get up to poop and pee. I really love being in Bruce’s truck and it is easier when he carries me to the truck.  Being in the truck brings life to me and keeps things interesting because I can’t seem to go to it (life) anymore.  My sight is not so good. ”

Please Tell Bruce:   “You leave your body when you sleep.  Your body recharges and you go off to do your work.  I sleep and wake to check to see if you are back frequently. She explains “it is almost as if you go off to work every night when you leave.  Your day as an earthling seems to feel less significant to you.  But know that you need your earthling body to charge and prepare your spirit for the “night shift.”  That is where you are truly happy.  At this point she became very emotional and weepy anticipating Bruce’s emotions and acknowledging her own. She exuded infinite gratitude for her loving people.

She goes on:  “It is like you go to work for Congress and the Senate.  You go to do Spirit government. Never doubt the difference you have made, the impact you have made and the difference you continue to make in the lives of your collective community.  She advises: be sure to come back fully into your body.  This might just be one of your biggest life lessons.  When I leave my physical body and transition permanently, look for me on the other side during “the night shift”

Scully says that it is very hard to say goodbye to both Jodie and Bruce.  Every moment is a transition.  “After I am gone, there is another dog in your future.  It will come to you”

Please tell Jodie:  Loosen the tethers.  Fly a little.  It will help your anxiety.  Scully showed me symbolically really tight ski boots that you ratchet down so that you are more stable and that while skiing your skis don’t fly off. They are too tight, she says, they are too limiting.  Put some flip-flops on and feel the warmth of the sand on your bare feet and enjoy it.  You are so deep and so sensitive that your tendency is to ratchet down to feel safe and stable.  This is not serving you.  It is now limiting you.  No more ski boots.  She is showing me that you both love the freshness of the wind and air in your face.  She says “Jodie you are always so patient, kind, and thoughtful.” Again, she intensely reverberated gratitude. She wondered out loud how you could be “soooooo good”. She comments on your sleep as well.  She says you sleep stiff and anxious because you worry about when/and if Bruce will return from the “night shift”.  You have a similar worry in wakeful states. She says:  “let the leash go.  He will come back and she reiterates to Bruce another reason for him to come back fully… “so Jodie doesn’t worry, she can feel when you have not returned fully and this adds to her anxiety” Sleep deeply Jodie.

I asked her how the basics are:  she showed me soft wet food would be easier to digest and raw eggs would also be good for her. Sea kelp will help her electrolytes.

Sun and warmth are her favorites and it feels so good to her.  “I like watching activities”. She showed me a local park in town (Frank Zuanich Park) where she likes feeling the sea air, smelling and watching kites.  That was the second time she showed me kites and the importance of fresh air for her.

She brought up transitioning.  She relays that both of you (Bruce & Jodi)  worry “endlessly and needlessly” about her transition.  She recognizes that you worry about wanting to be with her and how it will take place.  She says that whatever happens it will be perfect and that she trusts you to make choices for her.  She has always trusted you both. I spoke on behalf of people in general letting her know that it is so difficult to make decisions about timing and how/ when our pups will transition, that we people put so much pressure on ourselves to do it just right.  She says: please stop worrying about it.  Just enjoy every moment.  Day-by-day.

The last thing she told me with lightness in her heart: ” I feel like a police officer.  We all have dreams you know…and mine has always been to be a German Shepherd K9 officer.  Maybe next time.”

She then saluted me.

I asked her if it was OK to share this communication. She said yes and blew me a kiss.  .

From My perspective: 

It was extremely easy to talk with Scully.  Have you ever stopped into an Assisted Living Facility where an elderly person waits at the door to greet you and then chats for a half hour and you forget the time?  That is how it felt to be with Scully.  Her energy is so wise and steady, her stories interesting and she filled my senses with information.  I really love how…. kind of, sort of …bossy she got when she told me what to tell each of her people.  I love how straightforward she was.

Communication with animals is a lot like communicating with people.  You know how with different people, they have their own style and personality. Some are shy, some are bossy, some are nervous, and some are antsy. Some tell stories; some give images and symbols and use their hands to communicate.  Some communicate quickly and move fast, others communicate slowly and more methodically. .

So too is the experience of communicating telepathically with animals. I really appreciate how forthcoming Scully was and how clear she was in our communication. Healing comes naturally through communication.  Jodie emailed me later and said “yep, that’s Scully.  We laughed and cried while reading the email you sent us”.

It is always my hope that somewhere along the way, the communication opens to a place of healing whether it is obvious to me or not.  Scully asking her people not to worry about her impending transition was healing for her because it is hard for her to see her people worry so desperately.  For Scully being able to tell me she has always wanted to be a K9 officer felt like a secret she ahs always wanted her people to know. I am infinitely grateful to Bruce and Jodie for giving me the opportunity to communicate with Scully and giving me permission to share this communication.  To Scully, my deepest appreciation for her clarity and time she shared with me.  What a love!!

I have so many amazing animal communication stories.  It is not always easy to convey the whole heartedness of what I experience.  I will continue to do my best.