Energetic Space Clearing

Space cleansing is very similar to an individual energy session in that stagnant energies are cleared through energetic modalities of Meditation, Communication & Medium-ship, Reiki, Sound, and Sage.  Just as you would vacuum and dust, cleaning up your physical space, the energetics of your living and/or working space is also very important to cleanse. Stagnant energies can easily build up simply from day to day use.

Energy accumulates in our homes just as dirt does. If we don’t clean it, it stays dirty. This can create a resonance of stagnant energy and it multiplies, just like dust bunnies! I recommend Saging your space (home, business, and car)  at least weekly. The space that we dwell in is no different than our body temple.  During times of transition and through our dynamic lives and interactions with family or roommates our space will require clearing.

Emotions, words, smells, and feelings are embedded in the physical structure and linger in the energy of a building, room, or home. At times we have visitors whose energy seems to linger after they have gone. There are also situations where our spaces have co-inhabitants from the beyond, living and dwelling within.  This can add up to multiple unknown, and at times, unwanted roommates! All of these scenarios have the potential to impact our earth journey.

I am able to cleanse the energy of your space while teaching and empowering you with the skills to do the same. I encourage a 2 hour session for the first visit.

Top 10 reasons to have your home, business space, or car cleansed
  1. Life Transitions: death, birth, marriage, divorce, separation, re-uniting
  2. House Warming upon just moving into a home that is new or old, but new to you.
  3. When life has been particularly stressful, during or after trauma in your life whether it happened in your home or elsewhere
  4. A good bye gratitude blessing when you are moving from your home
  5. Post disease/illness/surgery
  6. After extended stay visitors, especially if the visit was strained
  7. Space that has been vacant for an extended period of time.
  8. Your car, after a car accident
  9. Your car after a long trip
  10. House, Business space, and car after intense conversations, heated arguments, or when traumatic memories have been triggered

Rate:  $200/2 hours  |   $160/90 minutes 

Testimony: Cameron’s Story

“I was in love with the home my husband and I bought last year…. except for the basement.  At first I chalked it up to new carpet fumes but the dizziness and generally toxic feeling I had when downstairs persisted through multiple carpet cleanings, vacuuming and constant open windows.  Six months into ownership we got to know the previous owner of our home and learned that his family had had many happy memories here but also a few tragic ones that ultimately ended with divorce and much sadness.  In fact, the room in which I felt most toxic had been home to a very troubled kid the family had taken under their wing for a short period of time.  He had caused a lot of tension in the household and his presence was ultimately the catalyst for the couple’s divorce.

After our meeting with the previous owner my husband and I both experienced a disconcerting sense of inhabiting someone else’s story that we wanted no part of.  It actually caused us to feel distant from each other and we both felt a bit ill. It also became clear that the previous owner was very attached to the house and the family happiness it had represented to him at one time.

It was recommended to me that my home needed a clearing badly and that I should call Elizabeth.

Treating my home like a Reiki client, Elizabeth gave it a long distance clearing and shared her findings with me on a beautiful recording. I learned so much from that recording I can’t include all of my aha’s but here are a few highlights:  Elizabeth was able to feel that one wall had too much water in it and needed to be dried out. She did not sense the presence of mold. With some snooping I found that one of the interior concrete walls had mineral deposits seeping out which is a sign of too much moisture. Thankfully, Elizabeth appears to be correct about the mold, we still have not found any.

Elizabeth also did a clearing on my physical body and noticed that my right wrist was holding on to a sense of responsibility for other people’s pain.  Indeed, my right wrist had been bothering me and yes, I did have a feeling of wanting to “heal” the previous owner’s family even though this was so far beyond the scope of my responsibility or capability.  In addition, Elizabeth offered a number of easy recommendations such as getting a dehumidifier, keeping interior doors open and using essential oils in order to uplift the  basement.  She emphasized the importance of energetically “claiming my space” and knowing that my home would rise to meet my vibration if I could hold steady.  I am happy to say that I can finally fully inhabit all 1700 square feet of my home without reservation. My dizziness is gone, my family is happy, and the basement is warm, dry and smells good.  I fully plan to have Elizabeth here for an on-site clearing before we need to use the room in question for a second child.”

-Cameron M., Seattle