Reiki Attunement

Reiki Attunements can be either individually scheduled or at times are offered as a weekend workshop with dates & times to be determined. Please email to schedule an individual attunement. Sign up for my email list and connect on social media through the links below to stay up to date  regarding Reiki Attunement weekends, weekend workshops, and evening classes.

Level I Attunement:  This level attunes you to Chokurei, the first level Reiki for the physical body. You will learn meditations and how to use this symbol for self-treatments and begin to practice on fellow classmates.

Level II Attunement:  This level attunes you to Seiheki for the emotional and mental bodies. We will incorporate meditation and explore how our feelings and thoughts affect our energy system and ultimately our lives.

Level III Attunement: This level attunes you to Dai-Ko_Myo. the spiritual level containing the blueprint from which the physical levels is derived . Profound and miraculous life changes occur through this level of Reiki

Master Level Attunement:  You will be attuned to the distance symbol as well as Raku. The distance symbol allows you to carry out distance Reiki. Raku is the Master attunement and allows you to attune others in Reiki. An Expanding Pathways Reiki Manual is included for didactic use and reference. Meditation and hands on experience are the dominate features in this class.

Please email with inquiries and requests for attunements. These will require customized booking. For more information see my blog post, “The Nuts & Bolts of Reiki“.